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Cel's Ladder Maps Pack
« on: June 05, 2020, 07:07:22 AM »
Warcraft 2 has been there for 20 years, the mechanics of the games are far more understood now than they were when the game launched.
Here is are maps that try to bring you guys new "water land hibrid" strategies like no other ladder map did before while being fair, fast, and entertaining to play/watch.

First of these map is Four Seasons (128x128) which already has been there for a long time and is the result of the collaboration of me and Mr bux a year ago.

Then we have Tiny Seasons (96x96) which gives your a very well rounded 1v1/2v2 map where pretty much everything works from grunt rush / tower rush / boats / boats and land.

And finally we have Tartiflette (96x96) for epic and fast paced games where all kind of unique strategies are playable as well.

I Hope you guys will have as much fun playing these new maps as we have had for the past 4 month on stream watching and playing them.
Some players really adapted fast to that new style of water hibrid maps and these games are usually packed with action from early rushes to epic full scale games and are quite entertaining to watch/stream as well!

Have a wonderful time playing these maps, and most importantly keep playing/loving war2 no matter what map you fancy! :D
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