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Update WarCraft 2 - Combat Edition 2020
« on: September 14, 2020, 09:12:50 AM »
The future of ideas for WarCraft II - Battle Net Edition & Combat Edition  :wc2:

Bloodlust for Orcs - to this day gives a minus balance for the online mode.

When I was in the map editor when I created missions for joint passage - I even forgot that I had not raised the price for the upgrade of blood thirst, but I found a balance so far, just the prices for upgarde - treatment and blood increase to 15000 GOLD, 5000 Wood , 500 Oil, and then the balance will be 100% perfect against all units.

At the expense of dragons and griffins - they need to set a price of 5000 Gold, and in mines for balance, increase the maximum on all maps +17.500 thousand Gold - such as 3 Dragons additionally and use them only for attacking the sea or land against workers who extract wood ... And Co-Op Missions or Compaign - of course, are needed, Heroes too (Their prices are different and for balance it takes a long time to build, even if at least 5 minutes of play, (buying only one type, until it is killed, its price is expensive, forbid building walls, leaving the opportunity only create in the map editor, walls also destroy the balance, building walls is cheating for the game WarCraft 2 - because this game only needs walls strictly in companies or joint missions, created by way in the map editor, and not built by workers, with the Blood ability orko it is necessary to do something in the form of prices and power.

Reduce the power of Blood by (0.5x) and the time of the ability to reduce (by 2.5 seconds), as well as the improvement time for knights of paladins (healing ability for 1 minute) and for Blood ogres (increase the time for improving the ability of bloodlust by 1 minute), this is will improve the balance to perfection, I think, add the ability to call a meteor and an explosion radius, like from a nuclear missile for a terran from StarCraft 1 - for a Death Knight ORC with a damage of 750HP, for armored ones with armor + 2 + 4 = 550HP-700HP, for a mage for Human - add a fireball call - with an explosion radius the same as that of a meteor and the same damage for balance, spending 250 mana, the cost of preparing a spell (which will work) 10 seconds, increase the life of magicians by 20HP, buildings + 100HP for almost all types, do Level 3 enhancement (very expensive) to match the style of WarCraft 3 & StarCraft 1.2. As for the map editor - I would recommend making it possible to come up with AI - which is not Resuable (Active), but a constant ally with an open Vision, such as AI Computer 1 Ally (does not belong to capture), make it possible to play not 8 players, but make 12 more cards players, 4 new colors, there will be 12 players already on the map, it doesn't matter AI or players, there may already be 3 teams and modes such as 4vs4vs4, 4vs8, 1vs11, 2v2vs2vs2vs2vs2, All For Free (without the right to union, only Vision can be activated by contract to ensure honesty), you can do both Record Replay and watch it right in the game, like in StarCraft 2 / WarCraft 3

In the map editor - make 4 or newer starting locations so that you can bet more than 8 and make a result table for the game WarCraft II - Battle Net Edition & Combat Edition - when you win or lose, the result window for 12 players with scrolling (for small screen resolutions are not necessary, if ddraw and screen resolutions are 640x480 / 1920x1080 or higher, the result is automatically adjusted to the screen resolution, as I understand, if you play against 2 players and finish the game, the statistics screen will be large characters if the match was for 8 players , the statistics screen expands automatically, that is, the ability to accommodate 12 players and colors is possible  :)