Author Topic: Invitation to TEST new recent mod. Fusion between War2 DAIFE + Ogre mode  (Read 2646 times)

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This is a short request. Just recently and thanks to Mistral. We just managed to merge the very recent posted project known as Warcraft 2 Danny's AI FIxes Edition + Ogre mode.

Ogre mode allows any of you to play 2 players in 1 base, which means both can control either buildings or units like there's a mod like that in Starcraft 1.

DAIFE aims to bring up a brand fresh experience with the original maps modified a little bit to deliver a BUGless AI in all missions from all campaigns plus a slight difficulty boost, which in fact allows to experience the original Blizzard Entertainment difficulty with all upgrade, timing attack and unit compositions that were planned by then for all 4 campaigns...

So now that single player mod was fused with Ogre mode. Now I just want to make a public beta testings v1.0 with any of you guys, if ever interested to test the Orc campaign initially to see how triggers work overall... Please don't hesitate to answer me here or in twitch:

Full credits to Mistral who is the actual god and genius behind all of this to either allow campaign triggers in multiplayer for the ogre-mode, but also to allow the Ogre-mode itself.
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