Author Topic: Invitation to people interested in doing Voice acting for any war2 unit  (Read 2595 times)

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Greetings fellows.

There's this very recent mod I'm looking up to do and release called Danny's AI Royal Edition (DAIRE), which contains new generation features made by Ed-gorod. Very nice to keep the game updated in 2022.

Pretty much now, I'm capable to add up just as many voice-acting files for any single game unit so, if you're interested to contribute I can add your voice acting work for the unit overall inside the mod or for specific missions.

You can check one of my last broadcasts in:

Just take a look in the very first mission I played (human07) where Rangers have their own voice acting files, Flying machines, Ballistas and probably more coming out.

The units very usually have the next established voice acting by Blizzard Entertainment:

Unit :
PissedA (3 or more clicks on the unit)
Pissed B
Pissed C
UnitWhat1 (left click on unit)
UnitAcknowledgement1 (right click for unit)

But again, now I'm capable thanks to Edo-gorod to apply just as many other sound files for either UnitPissed, WhatUnit or UnitAcknowledgement so it's strictly necessary to have these exact numbers from any of you that wanted to help within the modding.

Other units like Dragons or Gryphon raiders were limited as well. Same as ships which all used the same voice acting files. So if you were willing to help me out with your contribution, I would be happy to have them available for the mod itself and most probably, future warcraft 2 mods.

If you're interested on my past mods, you can take a look into the war2 public mods in:

Overall I would appreciate that you can bring me up any of your feedback or interest (if you ever have), within my twitch stream: or the youtube channel:   whenever i may do another new stream.

Have a good day
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