Author Topic: New universal plugin for custom maps, but potentially can work in mods  (Read 5404 times)

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New universal plugin with for single player custom maps in Warcraft 2 remastered. Audio/visual enhancements and code included to mod the game or alternate with several other of new generation features added up in DAIRE mod. Its called custom maps plugin v7.0

This plugin is universal, which means that is natively intended for custom maps but also can work with base game campaigns and potentially multiplayer,even though I need to disable first some of its features to not cause game crash or game desync in multiplayer. Give me your feedback if interested to add this up for multiplayer as well.

Many of the enhancements some of you may have already seen in my DAIRE mod or Legacy of Dalaran Enhanced:

If you would like to know more about this, feel free to read the mod thread description in the first link above.

Have fun