Author Topic: Warcraft 2 CustomMaps / Multiplayer Enhancements patch v11, invitation to play  (Read 2533 times)

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Hey guys, its danny again. I made a new visual / audio enhancements patch for Warcraft 2, such as the others from:

The reason I made this new mod thread is because it contains way more features, aside from patch v10 and it includes up to date almost all the added up new generation modding features in Warcraft 2 and my mods, including Road of heroes & DAIFE Boosted mod features.

The main highlight from this mod patch is to bring the capacity to now randomizing almost all customized tileets I've got fully functional till this moment (april 14th, 2024), which are about 20.

Tilesets fully functional in this mod are:

Forest-like tilesets:

War1 Forest v2
War1 Forest v3
Rainy Valley Final version

Winter-like tilesets:


Wasteland-like tilesets:
Desert Normal
Desert Woow (Weapons of our Warfare mod)

Orc Swamp-like tilesets:
Orc Swamp
Night Forest
Dark Forest
War1 Swamp
Tree Valley

Randomizing tilesets work for both, single & multiplayer.

The mod works for both single player (custom maps + base game campaigns) OR multiplayer.

Main purpose from this mod, such as it is for v10 enhancements patch, its to bring audio/visual enhancements for the game. Its a universal patch that can be expanded to any other mod.
The code conditions are tied up to the type of Tileset that is being loaded in-game, so then now its not tied up as for each selectable mission such as I coded in Road of Heroes mod, for example.

How to Install & play ?

1) This mod, alongside any of my other mods, can ONLY work with War2 Combat Edition from - you can set up all default settings into the installer.

2) Extract from package and send the folder: "MPv11Files" to your main War2 Combat Edition folder. Same as for the file: MPv11.exe. This last one will let you load the mod and Warcraft 2.

3) Send the file: "pluginMPv11.w2p" to your Plugin folder in War2 Combat Edition. This plugin file allows all functionality from the mod.


If you would like to give me any feedback, then dont hesitate to join my both streaming channels:

I would appreciate if you can donate any money contribution you can to my paypal address:

Good luck & have fun