Author Topic: Strategie Guide 03 (How to scout properly 1v1)  (Read 20812 times)

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Strategie Guide 03 (How to scout properly 1v1)
« on: April 11, 2015, 12:15:46 AM »
Hi guys!

In this guide im gonna show you how to scout properly.

Im gonna explain you everything about the scout as the best i can.

First of all, you have to understand the most important point, a bad scout give nothing, a bad scout will be a waste and probably gonna bring you to a lose, if you scout, scout good!

So let's start by telling you what kind of scout you can do...

1: P Scout, wich mean, Peon scout!
2: G Scout, wich mean, Grunt scout!

Whats the difference between both and how to use them!

The difference is about your initial strategie...

Some initial starting positions ( By exemple Old GoW at 12 ) make you by obligation doing a rush because you cant close your base, so you need at least some grunts to close your base and choke it.

So by doing G Scout your gonna save peon for gold and gonna be able to protect yourself at the right time against 2 and probably have a faster power if you need to power!

Now, Some other positions ( by exemple old gow again at 4 ) let you close your base, it mean you dint need to rush to close your base, you can close only by your build order, what mean you can use a P scout to be more faster on the scout and do more damage with it.

You also have to take in consideration some position have already desadvantage from start, like 4 or 11, due the wood you have to chop or the little wall you have to build beside your gold mine.

Whats mean it slow you ALOT in your rush ( And when i mean alot, IT MEAN ALOT ), so rushing from 4 or 11 is pretty hard to do since other position have no desadvantage and gonna be faster then you on the rush.

So your favorite strategie from 11 and 4 are certainly not gonne be rush, you are better to just make 2-3 grunts close your base try to sneak your enemie and rape his wood and directly go to power.

So let's take a look from every position how you should scout.

12 = G Scout
2= G Scout
4= P Scout
5= P scout
6 = G Scout
8 = G Scout
S9 = P Scout
9 = P Scout
11 = P scout
Mid = G Scout


Where to scout first?? Because it's all good, now we know wich units to use for scout, but where i will scout??

Easy! You have to understand the first thing you want to scout is the most dangerous strategie, wich mean ( Dual )

It mean you want to scout the position wich give the best chance to your ennemie to dual...

What are these position by % to see a dual.

1: S9/9
2: 9/11
3: 4/5

It mean you always have to scout s9/9 and 9/11 first then 4/5.

Let me explain you how to do from every position.

From 12: G Scout directly to 11, 9, s9, s6, 5, 4.
From 2: G Scout directly to 11, 9, s9, s6, 5, 4.
From 4: P scout to s6, 9, 11, s9.
From 5: P scout to s6, 9, 11, s9.
From 6: G scout to s'9, 9, 11, go back to mid, 5, 4, s6 go back at home.
From s9: P Scout to 9, 11.
From 9: P scout to s9, s6, 5, 4.
From 11: P scout to 9, s9, s6, 5, 4.

Now you have to consider before all of this you always have to scout your neigborg first, so do everything of this after to scout your initial neigbor.

It mean by exemple from 5: P scout to 4 then after s6 9, 11, s9.
Or by exemple from 12: G scout 2 then after 11, 9, s9, s6, 4, 5.

Or if you feel like me sometime, you can try to play with the chance and dint scout your neigborg, but it gonna slow you alot if hes there.

So at this point is now a personal choice, do you take the chance to do more damage with your scout, or you dont want take chance.

At this point, it's all bout you and your personal decision.

Finally maybe your gonna ask me why i dint scout, 12, 2 and 6 and it's easy to answer... Because when im gonna scout for dual, the only position your not gonna have scout already gonna be 12, 2 and 6... Wich mean a rush, so you already have a good idea about what hes gonna do, it dont mean you dont have to scout it, but you cant do it later, because your gonna know hes there and he rush or probably dual rush wich gonna give you time to adapt your strategie compare a simple dual.

Hope you enjoy this guide, good luck guys!

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