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General Discussion / Re: To all our Ukrainian brothers!
« on: March 03, 2022, 04:06:28 AM »
That is sad, then many good people will die if i understand that properly from my side...
I just hope it won't come to that.
Yes. Fascists usually kill good people. But I believe that good people will kill more fascists. Or  fascists will go home.

Yes, i mean army here. If russian army win, they will probably set president loyal to Russia. They will not allow nuclear weapon/probably any weapon and army for Ukraine. They will not allow integration to NATO.
They will also prohibit glorification of Nazism as they understand it.
They will most likely prohibit glorification of Bandera, Hitler and others who they refer to nazists.
They will most likely prohibit calls for killing/hatred russians.
And they should let everything else stay as is.
That is how i understand things according on what i see in russian medias.
Your loyal president will go in the same direction as Russian warship. Or you want to have one more "loyal president" in Rostov? You need ~1 mln soldiers here to control Ukraine after war.
About nuclear weapon. This is popular fake in Russia. But if you are not a poor Russian zombie (but unfortunately you are) you should check what was said in real.
Maybe you remember Budapest Memorandum(1994). Russians don't like to remember it. But in any case, Ukraine sent all our nuclear weapon to Russia and promised never have nuclear weapon. And Russia, USA and GB a promised to protect our borders. But before Munich Conference Russia occupied our territory the second time! So the message was: "Guys, we have agreement. Do something to protect us. If now we will consider that this agreement is fake. So there is no more commitments from us about nuclear weapon".
And what I can hear in your blogs? "Ukraine wants to drop nuclear bomb on Russia!". Your country is very-very sick.

Completely different informaion from media i think.
That was not about attack to Belarus, that's about how easy he talks about next steps after winning Russia.
Probably no one here believes that the Ukrainian army can defeat the Russian army. And Zelenskiy tells like Russian army is almost defeated...
No comments...
When you tried to take Kyiv in 2 days and we beat off your attack  we tell "Мы побеждаем" this doesn't mean that we destroy Russian army. All of us know that this army is very huge and have powerful weapon. All of us know that we are defending and not attacking now. But we have success in our defending and we have a good chance to protect our country. And there is more than 1 Russian soldier is killed.

Partially. I think they embellish reality as happens in any war.
Also they say russians want to minimize civilian casualties, that's why they move slower than that could be possible. And now they have to move faster...
Ye... They failed with attack on Kharkiv, and now the 3rd day you are destroying this city with bombs and missiles. I know you'd like to tell "this is a fake, it wasn't shown on our TV". But later you will understand why we hate you. Or maybe will not. There is a great opportunity to close your eyes and ears and scream "nothing happens!".
In your crazy country, it's a crime now to say "No war". And you can tell about "antinazificaction" for Ukraine or what stupid terms do you use for war?

Yes, looks scary a bit. Especially economic sanctions. Ruble drops down from 80 to 100 one day, government trying to hold it as possible, supply chains are being broken.
Looks like our life will be much more difficult next years...
80...100... Is this the biggest trouble for you, Il? Now all the World hate you. You was kicked off from previous hoster because you are Russian. Russians are being kicked off everywhere today. You will live with a shame for years. I cannot imagine this... Now I feel support from all the countries. Our customers tell us: do anything you can for your country, we will pay you as usual. There is free transport in Europe  for anybody with Ukrainian passport. Podolyaka will tell you "China and Idia support Russia". Could you tell me what support do you have from them. Instead of TV news messages "China support us" :)
This is the result of voting against Russian invasion in UN:
You have very good company: occupied Syria and Belarus, Kim Chen Un and Eritrea (what?).

Yes, personally i'd prefer to buy note that i'm sick or w/e like that. Not because i'm afraid, but because i don't want to kill fraternal people.
You'd prefer, but not Putin. Putin have lost one soldier and he should take more and more. I don't know what will happen, but this is realistic scenario that you can be taken to the army without possibility to pay off.
And our tolerant Il will take a gun and go to Lviv to shoot in me, BatDev and other guys. Why? Because I kill Russians for 30 years. It was said on TV.

I think russians are much less patriotes than ukrainians is this situation, i mean civilians.
Because you are invaders! You will be a patriot when you defend your home from the Kadyrov's orcish hordes.

We are not ready to die for that war.
But you will.

I think russians don't see enemy in ukrainians. Russians see enemy in the forces behind ukrainians.
Yes, Russia love all the neighbors. And love is such big that all the neighbors hate Russia now. Georgia, Moldova, Baltic states. You think people in Belarus love you? They will spit in your back as soon as Lukashevko will be removed. And you will wonder "Why?! We did everything for them! We considered them as a brothers! Maybe they are Nazis too!". You make all of countries around you "Nazis".

General Discussion / Re: To all our Ukrainian brothers!
« on: March 02, 2022, 05:25:26 PM »
lol wtf
They were created in 2014, to protect Donbass. Is it so difficult to check? Ahhh... You like to write, not to read...

Do they plan to fight against russian army with their guns?
Yes we do.

How they imagine chances for win or loss?
Even if our army will loss Russia cannot control this land. I think more than 90% of Ukrainian hate Russia now. Just imagine, you are still afraid of UPA (Bandera). Now all the Ukraine will be UPA.
Or maybe you think someone from Moscow will decide which TV-channels we can watch what books we can read and what songs we can sing?

I heared Zelenskiy said Ukriane plans to attack Belarus after win against Russia, is that true?
Previously I thought that you are quite smart guy, Il. What happened with all of you? When TV tell you "do not buy dollars, dollars will fail" you know that this is lie and buy dollars. But when TV tell you that we are going to fight with Belarus you even won't check, Crazy country.
We do everything to avoid war with Belarus. Please take into account that crazy Lukashenko allow you to attack our cities with missles. And we cannot response him. Your tanks going through Belarus and we cannot attack them on their land. The same for planes and so on.
"Military training" - yes? I think so, because Putin on TV said so.
But in any case we don;t want to fight with Belarus. We know that Belarus army is weak, but this will be thousands of killed people. We don't want any of us will be killed outside of Ukraine. We want get back our lands and build the highest well in the Wrold on border with your Mordor. You can live with any Putin you want, but don't come to us with weapon. And... Maybe from now just don't come to us at all.
The only thing we want now from Belarus : their army should not join Russian army. In this case, I think, we will be free to attack them.

How vile you are... Attack our cities from Belarus and be afraid that we want attack Belarus... F..g shit!

Russians have no doubt Putin will win success this "operation" in near future.
Yes, you were going to take Kyiv in two day. And before yesterday you had 1 soldier killed.  Today 500. Do you still trust them? See above: "Previously I thought that you are quite smart guy, Il."

The main discussions here are about USA/EU sanctions against Russia, our answers for that sanctions and our future life under that sanctions...
Sanctions... All your country is nothing now. You are kicked off all the sport organization, all the culture and scientific events.

Our medias give completely different information to russians and to ukrainians, so who can know where is truth and where is lie...
I completely understand your hatred of the invaders, but i also understand russian position based on russian "truth"...

You always "understand" all the position. So, answer me to my question.
Tomorrow you will be taken to army. What will you do? Buy doctor's note that you are sick? What if you cannot? Will take a gun and visit Lviv to kill us?
This is your "truth"?
Welcome, Il! :)

All of you are ready to die or just be nothingness. And for what? For one crazy man who thunder with nuclear weapon. Sick, crazy country.

General Discussion / Re: To all our Ukrainian brothers!
« on: March 02, 2022, 01:32:44 PM »
It's indeed a SS symbol in the Azov insignia:

I'm not the best person in heraldry and I don't know what Azov really wanted to have, but...

General Discussion / Re: To all our Ukrainian brothers!
« on: March 02, 2022, 01:28:32 PM »
Or, to make this less of a debate and more of a conversation just to learn from you and your perspective, because it's very cool to have people from all communities including Ukraine here to speak directly with, let me just ask this.  Are you bothered by Azov Battalion?  How do you feel about the integration of open Nazis into the national guard?
There was no Azov before Russian invasion. It was created to protect Donbass, after Yanokovich has destroyed Ukrainian army (for example, the minister was from Russia). And yes, they are not the ideal of tolerance. But this was a reaction on Russian invasion. War increase radicalization  level everywhere. And "vile war", "hybrid war" do this much more harder.
When I was learning Lviv in Russian language school. Then a daughter of my brother was learning in Lviv Russian language school.. But I hear every day from Russians (who closed all the Ukrainian schools) that I'm fascist, and I hate Russians... Hmmm... I could start to hate. I didn't. Before this war. How you can call me Nazi. And now I'm almost that person which they wanted to see long time ago. But this is reaction on their madness.

General Discussion / Re: To all our Ukrainian brothers!
« on: March 02, 2022, 01:18:01 PM »
with an SS on their uniform|

This is SS:

This is Vagner. His guys denazify Ukraine for 8 years. Cool tattoo isn't it?

Аbout "orcs". How should I call them? Comrades? We call all the Russians "orcs" now. Because of his craze horde. I'm sorry (not really). During WW2 we also named German people not so good.
About bullet. So I should kill them only with regular bullets not to insult their religious feelings? Are you serious?!

General Discussion / Re: To all our Ukrainian brothers!
« on: March 02, 2022, 12:25:31 PM »
So, Kadyrov's orcs who go to Ukraine from Chechnya to kill Ukrainians are not Nazis. But Ukrainians who are going to kill them and tell in twitter "Go home, you will not get into Paradise here" are Nazis?
Guys are you really sick?

General Discussion / Re: ATTN Russians
« on: March 01, 2022, 10:51:44 AM »
Because you read nothing except this sub-forum and maybe flame.,6424.msg98143.html#new

General Discussion / Re: ATTN Russians
« on: March 01, 2022, 10:43:03 AM »
Ukraine, of course.

General Discussion / Re: ATTN Russians
« on: March 01, 2022, 10:36:23 AM »
to me this began before the eastern Ukraine breakaway regions, when the euromaidan overthrew Yanukovych.
Why now from USSR destroying? Or not from GKChP and Grobachev blocked in Crimea? Or not from Lenin and Nikolai || murdering?
Best idea I can come up with is that the goal is to obtain a peace agreement very favorably to Russia (autonomy and final peace for luhansk and donetsk, promise not to join nato & neutrality, banning Right Sector, somethnig like that).
Really? We were not in NATO and most of people didn't want to join NATO. But they came to us, occupied our territory and start a war in Donbass and later in all Ukraine. And now you tell us: give them Crimea, give them Donbass and promise not to join NATO? Are you crazy? They did this because we were not in NATO. And they will do this again and again. They tell on TV that "there is no Ukraine, this is our land".
We gave all our nuclear weapon to Russia in 1994 and they promised to defend our borders. And what we have now? Russia is fighting against Ukraine. Of course all of us want to join NATO.

General Discussion / Re: ATTN Russians
« on: March 01, 2022, 04:31:48 AM »
2014. Russia occuped Crimia, started invation to  Donbass. All the initial battles where started by russians mercenaries. Read about Girkin, Borodai and others who occuped Ukainian cities during the staring period of war. Later Russia sent weapon, instructors, mercenaries and also helped with fire from its territorry.
Now they told about 8-years war. Yes it was a war and Russia has started it.
But today they officialy go to another country with regular army.  They told you that they want to destroy mistic nazi from Ukraine. Even Russian army blieved in this shit at the starting of invation. They thought that only a few pelople will fight agianst them. They thought that they will have flowers from civilians but they have bullets now. All the Ukriane is fightning against Russia now. So all the Ukriane is "nazi" for Russia. And they realized this two days ago and sterted to destory everybody. Just imagine your neighbor county tell you "I don't like your goverment, I'll send my army to destory it. And don't touch me."
You can see a lot of Russian videos. But... Two days ago they told you "no losses in Ukriane". They told you "2/3 of Ukraine is feilad in 10 hrs".  They told you "Zelensky leave Kyiv the first day of invation". Do you still believe them? I don't tell you that all the Ukrianian information is totally true. But read both sides. Comapre them. Make a decigion which information is more realisitc. Check this information later. And don't believe to people who lie you every day.
Il post here info from "east Ukraine observer". Peson who live in Moscow. But even pro-russian observers are laughing at him. Today text from Girkin (official military criminal, he started war in Cremia and Donbass and one of persons responsible for destorying МН17): "уверенно рассказывать о "скором окружении всей группировки ВСУ" могут только Юрий Подоляка". And while you believe to bloggers like Pododliaka you are as stupid as he.

Who am I? I'm 'nazi' from Lviv the main cidadel of nazi. I'm a person who 'killing Russians people last 30 years'. Some of you knows me better and they know how I 'hate Russians and Russian language'. Some of you were in Lviv and we were 'destroying Russian people from East toghther'.
But now I'm sure that Russia is the biggest shit in the world. Not all people from this crazy country, but most of them.

Russian Warship Go F* Yourself

Tournaments & Leagues / Re: LVIV 2021
« on: December 15, 2021, 06:00:14 AM »

Everybody is worrying

And not worrying

Map choosing

"I tell you: GOW is shit!"

TOP 3 before start (They don't know now who will be TOP 3)

Let's go!

I have a tricky plan...

...but it doesn't work...

...OK, now I see how it should be...

My first tourney. Funny game.

My fourth tourney. Funny game.


Look at this! Look at this!


"Who is the boss?"

Commentator's corner

Looks like no cup for Ukrainians today



Show-match: one-man army.

All together


TOP 3(Now they do know who is TOP 3)

Next morning


The end

Tournaments & Leagues / Re: LVIV 2021
« on: December 10, 2021, 02:46:05 PM »

Tournaments & Leagues / Re: LVIV 2021
« on: October 04, 2021, 05:40:48 AM »
So looks like it will be 9th of December - Warcraft 2 Birthday.

Reserved day is 11th.

System: Double Elimination. BO1 (or BO3), final - BO3.
Map pool: GoW, GSEW, NWTR, 1_vs_1, x_marks.

You should share on the main topic as most of the people does not look at Tournaments & League season.

Sorry, don't like mess we have on forum. Tournament info should be in "Tournaments" section. Fun memes in "General Discussion" and so on.

Tournaments & Leagues / LVIV 2021
« on: September 17, 2021, 08:06:18 AM »
9th of December 2021. Lviv. Ukraine.

The last so the biggest offline tournament.

15 / Re: Auto obs + Auto teams {BETA test}
« on: September 07, 2021, 12:00:08 PM »
Mistral, does your obs feature work with any PVPGN or only with modified one? We usually use local old PVPGN server for LAN playing and I wonder if we can use new combat versions?

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