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Tournaments & Leagues / LVIV 2021
« on: September 17, 2021, 08:06:18 AM »
9th of December 2021. Lviv. Ukraine.

The last so the biggest offline tournament.

Mods & Development / WinWar Map Editor (WIP)
« on: January 04, 2021, 05:16:24 PM »
So, here is a small instruction how to use Map Editor for WinWar (also for original Warcraft 1)
For now you can work with campaign maps only. Each mission consists of two parts:
* Level data: gold, units. AI routes, animation palettes, mission objective, etc.
* Tiles Map: 64x64 tiles map.

PLEASE NOTE. Do not put walls and roads onto Tiles Map. They should be included into Level Data and regenerated during startup.

So. At the beginning you need to open DATA.WAR in editor:

Now you are able to change some options. For example, level technologies:

Now save your changes into resources file:

Suggested name will contains resources number. For "Humans 1" it will be resource117.bin. Now you can replace it with WarDraft.
Close Map Editor and open your DATA.WAR in WarDraft. Find and select resource #117 and import your new file. Do not forget to make it compressed:

Run Warcraft and enjoy your changes:

Now let's change a couple of tiles. First of all open Map Editor and load DATA.WAR. Then export any level into Tiled editor format:

You will have three files. For example "Humans 1.json", "65.json" and "65.png". Your main file is "Humans 1.json" (or any name you put during saving).
Now you need to open Tiled editor. Get it here:

Open "Humans 1.json" in it. You will have something like this:

Make any changes you want and save them in Tiled. After this Import map file in WinWar Map Editor (do not forget to have DATA.WAR opened):

Save your map into resource file:

Now put the resource back into DATA.WAR with WarDraft. Run Warcraft and enjoy your changes:

PLEASE NOTE: WarDarft cannot save data bigger than original. So, if you have this situation try to find another packing utility.

PLEASE NOTE: WinWar Map Editor has very early alpha version. So it will not tell you what to do and will crash in any unexpected case.

PLEASE NOTE: There is a bug in Editor and it will show you walls and roads as a tiles.

Tournaments & Leagues / LVIV 2020
« on: December 24, 2020, 06:01:44 AM »
4th of December. Lviv. Warcarft 2 again!

Tournament brackets

Who till take the 3rd cup?

Drawing as usual.

And the battle begun.

Fan zone

Quarantine is under control

...or maybe not

And the winner! The 3rd time!

All together


Mods & Development / WinWar testers needed
« on: February 25, 2020, 08:06:52 AM »

Still cannot finalize my Warcraft 1 "Remaster". The main idea of this project is to make flexible game in C# which will be fully compatible with original.
What I have now: playable Windows and Android version. It supports saves fro Original and multiplayer under DosBox. Also it has possibility to change easy some resources related to localization.
What is still not implemented: some parts of magic AI, Scores calculation, some cheat codes, final movie, music issues, several of TODOs which can cause minor graphical issues.

What I need. First of all multiplayer testing. I need people who will play original vs WinWar to understand if there are mismatches in game logic. Also it will be good to test campaign (I think I can finish magic AI soon) and Android version (can be single or multiplayer). And if you want, you can start your own localization.

What works now. I believe that Dungeon missions is playable in multiplayer with footmen, archers, knights. There were no issues in last several game session. Magic and catapults were not tested a lot. Also there was a "magic bug" perhaps related to double chop, but it can be resolved with some other fixes. Needs to be retested. The last blocker in campaign (Lothar rescue)  was fixed and may be campaign can be finished (may be not)

I don't want to share a lot of not working versions, so if you want to test it I can send you binaries and explain how to them better.

Some of old videos:

Localization example:


Android vs DosBox test:

WinWar android vs DosBox - YouTube

Multiplayer game test:
Original side:

M-017 (Alex Trick) Warcraft 1 - YouTube
WinWar side:

M-017 (Oragorn) Winwar [0.4.8] - YouTube

Mods & Development / Warcraft 1 custom missions
« on: May 21, 2019, 04:38:55 AM »
In the Age of Chaos (middle of 90th) there was an amateur Warcraft 1 map editor (author: BJ Pollard):

It has possibility to generate maps in *.sav format, which can be loaded as a regular save. Looks like this idea was a little bit popular, so Blizzard even added converter for Mac version to have possibility playing DOS saves on MacOS. A lot of sites with War1 maps are gone, but some of them are still alive or present in Wayback MAchine:

Tournaments & Leagues / LVIV 2018 (LAN party)
« on: November 08, 2018, 08:59:30 AM »
How it was in 2017:

21th of November. Lviv. Warcart 2!


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