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Mods & Development / Re: Warcraft II / my kids
« on: August 29, 2023, 11:36:37 AM »
So, if you want code to dig in, you can check out my most recent war2 mod, Road of Heroes. It tweaks the base game campaigns with new audio/visual/difficulty/AI improvement changes.
Thanks to @Mistral 's code in other of his mods.

In the page below you can find out any other of my war2 public mods and some of them, including the one from above, have a folder within the mod package files, to change the code with the proper mod funcionalities. The folder I think is called "MainPluginFolder". The code can be compiled in that same folder, right away to use it as a Plugin for the mod.


RoH v3.9, now including functional IDLE workers new feature

Big thanks to Ed for his very amazing code and war2 new generation features ))

3 / Re: War2 Triggers Editor released!
« on: June 28, 2023, 10:55:58 AM »
so for random i thinked about it but cannot implement for now

for sounds
PUD maps are basically a file with set of sections
triggers being stored is old unused OILM section which was used for oil distribution in old alpha war2
but size of this section is depends of map size so max amount of bytes that triggers can be is for 128x128 map = 16k bytes
so this is not possible to put custom sound files and etc u just not have any place for even 1 sound
it is possible to add more sections i think but then maps becomes uncompatible with original map editor and even puddraft too
if u open and save map in them then all other non supported sections being removed from map file

p.s. lol also imagine the lag when someone joins lobby and needs to download 50mb map with tons of cursed custom sounds :) :) :) :)

Starcraft 1 remastered works this way actually, Ed.

I've encountered some of these Korean maps, like Special forces with a lot of new remastered features and they're slow to download. Even consider you have to download them from Korea server so it would be even slower for foreign people.
So basically, starcraft maps can get really big as well to download. It may turn a curse and slow in lobby to get.

Warcraft 2 road of heroes MOD is fully completed at this point (June 28th, 2023). I haven't tested up all missions but they're theorically possible to beat and functional. There may be some bugs around, though.
Hard mode is available to play at its full capacity:

Several set of new generation modding features included into this mod. All information in link above.
Any feedback is welcome as always, if any of you guys are willing to give this little mod a try. Easier mode should be uploaded later on.

not only in backup on main server too
also this thing was here for like 2 years already

but plugin not very needed cuz APM is mostly multiplayer thing anyways
who needs APM in campanign? where u can save load and etc etc.

but u can check my git for war2 mod server source code there is timer and ticker and apm source too

lul, I need )))))) Cool way to showcase feature for MODS. I used to play as amateur in Starcraft 1 till like 2010 and it was always fun to see APM on single or multiplayer.

U can practice your speed. No need to be ONLY multiplayer )))

Such as the title says. There's a plugin that seem to work good but with backup russian server.

I would appreciate to know if there's some plugin or feature available to use this little feature to show on screen while playing single player from base game OR mods.

Thanks !

hey hello, everytime I open up this program, there're options saved by default from previous usage.
Say like at first I used folder A and I downloaded this program again, but once I open then it has saved up previous folder being used to change hotkeys.
Where is being saved this file with previous options being set up into the program?


Mods & Development / Re: Plugin package
« on: May 13, 2023, 05:35:53 PM »
Thanks for sharing Fois, bud. Always cool to see new content from you.

I've set up 245 and seems like good enough satisfying color on minimap. Thanks again!

really amazing feature as always. Video shaders are outstanding for retro experience, and so now to have in war2. Really good job fois!  :peon:

That looks sick. Been starting the war2 campaign again and will play upto dark portal. Would be nice to try it out once it is out!

Hey, really appreciate it bud. You can try it
Looks very nice danny I like the weather and sound changes

If you don't mind where did you get the deeper orc sounds from "GruntReady2.wav, PeonJobIsDone2.wav" and etc
Looks very nice danny I like the weather and sound changes

If you don't mind where did you get the deeper orc sounds from "GruntReady2.wav, PeonJobIsDone2.wav" and etc

hey, they're from warcraft 3. Grunt ready 2 is warcraft 1

Strategy & Replays / Re: Balance
« on: April 12, 2023, 05:38:19 PM »
bloodlust is not weaker because bloodlust comes out. Humans straight up cannot fight bloodlust. Another orc has no other thing that other bloodlust spam to fight against it.

About 2 and 3, there's an actual solution.

I'm a little war2 modder and I have talked to some community members but I tend to find that people are way too conservative to ever make a change for the better in game.

Archers/Rangers/Trolls/Berserkers are not necessarily bad, but bloodlust/death&decay/Blizzard are way too strong. The natural counter to these units may be fireball/death coils or Flame shield. But again, the first 3 mentioned spells are way too overpowered.

in 3) I have a little re-balance game within one of my most recent war2 public free mods, called as Road of Heroes
All my mods in:
Road of Heroes in:

Basically, here I have managed to apply some re-balance changes to units like Rangers which get an attack speed boost with Rangers upgrade, same as berserkers but not as fast as Rangers.  Healing is also 4mana/1HP instead of 6mana/1HP to be more balanced against bloodlust and actually reward your APM for healing or Rangers micro usage. Archers + trolls also have a little boost to their base game attack speed.

Other stuff have been added up already like boosted skeletons on their skills, which makes Exorcism automatically more useful.
Gryphon Raiders + Dragons have faster attack speed.

Other planned stuff is to allow ground attack damage to apply into Gryphons or ground armor upgrades to Dragons. But also reducing range of D&D/Blizzard nor mana cost.

Still, if you're interested on more of this, you can check out my mod. Almost all the mods though are intended for Single player campaigns or custom maps.

I have came to play on other real time strategy games and overall, people are way too stubborn / conservative to ever apply a re-balance game patch for the better in any game... And I dont mean about waiting of like 2 months from testings to add like +2 damage to Grunts but actual re-balance patches that can attempt to change several other features of game to deliver whole new set of strategies.

Either way, if it's about to re-balance changes, I think the best method is this one used in League of legends where developers tend to release a new re-balance patch each 2-3 weeks to several of their in-game champions. This translated to War2, would be like applying a patch one time a month that may change about 5% of the game balance.

Fair enough to mention that, even if it's not likeable to be applied on main servers, there may still be worth to have a secondary server to allow testing up those new incoming re-balance patches... But again, this is up to community which overall seems way too conservative about it.

Hopefully this helps you out.

hey fellows, danny here. New war2 mod with higher difficulty.

Road of Heroes, new difficulty mod for war2.
Road of Heroes, new mod based on DAIFE difficulty. Expected higher difficulty in future updates
it's fully playable and includes some of the most recent features: daytime cycle in some forest-like missions

All instructions on how to install the mod are within the link above.

There's one little thing that can be done about unit pathing but it depends from Ed for such.

Very recently, I have tested up his BruhCraft mod and he managed to enable RALLY POINTS for computer on X missions for even specific computer factions.

If Ed wants to release Rally points code, I can make a try to make this thing functional for future mods.

I actually think this is very cool and it's a nice way to control somehow unit pathing, besides it's NOT an universal feature for computer in any situation.

Actually, Warcraft 1 HAD RALLY POINTS to improve its already poor unit pathing, and computer managed to set up some sort of decent rally point for their units in most, if not all of Warcraft 1 missions.

I even checked this Alpha mod out here to remaster Warcraft 1 in Windows 10 and indeed, the original maps had actual rally points for such purpose.

In Warcraft 2, there're a few missions that "attempted" to showcase this rally points feature but in my very honest opinion, if you're an experienced Warcraft 2 player, you may see how it's a bit flawed.
Example of this is, Human11 mission. Alterac-Orange humans have an actual rally point to the entrance of their base (next to towers) so units may not fall too far away from home before attacking, besides they are just planned to just have ONE BARRACKS to produce their entire army in that map, LuL.

Maybe there're other missions which have rally points but I can't remember at the moment... Well I just remembered another one: XOrc2. Green orcs attempt to send their units across the base bridges they have and set them around those, before launching the next attack. Again, since Warcraft 2 original missions are so slow to produce units OR to ever produce anything OR lack of testings, you simply cannot embrace to see it's proper functionality in all it's glory....

If you're willing to check out way faster those rally point features for them, you can check my  DAIFE mod either in Up to v6.940 version OR DAIFE v7.0+:

Yes, I remember quite a couple of CUSTOM MAPS by Blizzard which had this issue about unit pathing, most specially on maps that were intended to be played by ONLY PLAYERS, but with this rally points feature I bet there may be no map where units " should " get stucked with the proper amount of testings.

link is broken lul

Cartography & Custom Maps / Re: Gryphon Sanctuary (Base Defense)
« on: January 25, 2023, 11:27:38 AM »
hey bud, I have made a 2nd attempt into your map. I think have fixed up AI to just work as base game should do it.
This time, I got slaughtered a couple of times because running out of resources.

You can take a look on my youtube channel if want to see the feedback. And I think my new plugin did wonderful with your map as a fun challenge.

Little observations:

1) Timing for Orange is a bit slow on the beginning but eventually they get level 5 units and level 3 trolls.

2) Black ran out of gold apparently in mid game when I was taking down orange. There's one new generation function that allows computer to have infinite amount of gold available from the same gold mine if reaches out a minimal amount of gold available, say like 400 in gold mine. I could enable this if you want to keep them harassing till the very end, even though may need

3) Purple did an intense siege with their ships. I was surprised that their ships did not get stucked near shipyards. I think reducing computer range was great for them.

4) They eventually slowed down quite a bit on mid-late game with their transport attacks. But I'm aware now that they're using default AI scripts from Blizzard. Still, they have worked flawlessly this time on your map. I think is the one of the very few times I have seen AI scripts from Blizzard working this flawlessly well. I'm not exaggerating.

5) I just sieged up orange at first because I tried to get the demo squads to get into green's base but I did not have the resources for it in time. In fact, blacks ended up doing overrun to my base because lack of lumber or gold. But also had to invest in defending oil tankers or I would never get good enough amount of demo squads.

6) It's a very well designed map layout. Not too often I see something that fits so well for the war2 AI. I think you deserve way more credit and acknowledgement for this map.

7) If you allow me, I can make an enhanced version that will improve the AI even beyond.

Thanks for the experience!

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