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Hey buddies, its danny here.

This is a new mod that i did for Warcraft 2 that allows to play Cooperative Mode in Multiplayer (2 players), through all 4 campaign maps, but combined with my Insane Edition mod
(Solo Insane Edition mod available in:

This mod is based in one of my earliest mods called as Insane Edition, but the maps were tweaked in order to allow 2 players fit & play together, alongside all the map triggers that allow proper functionalities as if it was to be played in single mode.

Difficulty is the same as Solo insane edition, so in theory should be easier to beat these maps as 2 players instead if it was made by one player. All the maps are beatable & tested in Single player mode, up to its last version, but so then were used as a base to make this mod possible.

Not all maps are tested with their new implemented triggers to allow Single player functionalities AND not all maps were tested to see if the provided new resources are enough for 2 players to beat, but in theory they should.

Note at June 9th, 2024:
For now, only Human campaign from Tides of Darkness should be fully completed with Map triggers, but hopefully I can add up the rest of Campaigns
The reason I made this new mod thread is because it contains way more features, aside from patch v10 and it includes up to date almost all the added up new generation modding features in Warcraft 2 and my mods, including Road of heroes & DAIFE Boosted mod features.

Strategy & Replays / Re: Balance
« on: June 02, 2024, 09:13:41 PM »
You mentioned all about your mod, but you never mentioned triggers! I'm surprised there's so much you can change.

Isn't that what I refered to ? Triggers are the custom objectives... or custom mana cost for spells, or other fancy stuff that is available in Triggers Tool. Yet, using code-plugins allow to do more stuff than Triggers Tool.
This program allows to be more friendly for user to set these features for war2 modding.

Like just said above, the program exists since like early 2021, but haven't got almost any feedback about it... or my mods... or the ones from Ed.

If you're willing to see this stuff and way more, you can join both the Twitch or Youtube streams to see more of these features in real time when I'm testing them all.

just in case want to see more of the potential from these new generation modding features for Warcraft 2. All thanks to Ed gorod (or Mistral).

Strategy & Replays / Re: Balance
« on: June 02, 2024, 08:11:00 PM »
I'm voting for you for the hall of fame, this is too good. What's everyone doing not using this mode? I especially like that you can have demons, the ogre mode, and autoheal.

There's one important thing I need to modify. The ranger upgrade. It sets the hp to 50. I tried adding a trigger but it didn't help.

Btw I'll edit unit stats on the editor because I couldn't find how to.

I haven't used triggers tool but I use Code instead. Plugins. Both creations by Mistral.

I have made a couple of mods already which use Code, aka: custom objectives, custom spells and way more stuff.

Here are all my mods:

The mods "Road of Heroes" + Legacy of Dalaran Enhanced are the current ones where I apply mana cost changes, faster attack speed for archer/troll/berserker/rangers, repairable catapults, way smarter AI, higher difficulty and way more.

This triggers tool exists since like early 2021 but haven't heard of anybody else who may have released an official campaign or custom maps with custom modding features, thanks to this program OR with code-plugins.

Strategy & Replays / Re: Balance
« on: May 18, 2024, 05:31:11 AM »
What are the things you can modify? I may spend time on a balanced mode.

I'm looking at changing walls and making every spell/unit useful to start with.

on this mod, Road of heroes i've tweaked some stuff already:

Archers + trolls have a bit higher attack speed than base game, since these units level 1-3 do little to nothing.

Rangers + berserkers get attack speed boost once they get their upgrade. Ranger > berserker attack speeds. Rangers are now a bit more of a counter to bloodlusted ogres.

Healing from 6mana/1hp to 4mana/1hp. It really feels more fair now compared to how much damage bloodlust can deal.

I can change the mana cost for all spells now. I dont know if its possible to change the range for casting each one of the spells, though.

I was planning to increase Death & decay + Blizzard mana cost from 25 to something like 75 or 80, so it stops to allow spamming that spell non stop. And so then instantly the other area of effect spells like whirlwinds, fireballs, death coils & flame shields become stronger.

5 / Re: Music
« on: May 06, 2024, 06:31:14 AM »
can you be more explicit about what happens to you?

as far as i know, the music order is a bit different from war2 DOS:
human01 is hum01 theme,
human02 is hum02 theme,
human03 is hum03 theme,
human04 is hum04 theme,
human05 is hum01 theme

but in in battle net edition is:

different because there's human05 theme which i dont remember what missions is set in, for Tides of darkness human campaign, and in the Dark portal human campaign, there is a human06 theme as well.


and thanks for the added up piano version

From what I understand this feature was NOT in the original DOS release.

Are there any mods that mod thet original dos version to add hotkey grouping for units?

can you please explain a bit further what do you refer to grouping units ?

if you refer to change the hotkeys for units in DOS version, i think may be but haven't checked yet.

nevermind, I tried to incorporate customized hotkeys to one of my mods that is for DOS version and couldn't.

In case you would like to check out a MOD for the DOS version though, there's my DAIFE mod. Harder difficulty and some audio/visual enhancements. I hope it helps you in case of being interested:

7 / Re: Music
« on: May 03, 2024, 02:38:18 PM »
there is no video


Hey guys, its danny again. I made a new visual / audio enhancements patch for Warcraft 2, such as the others from:

The reason I made this new mod thread is because it contains way more features, aside from patch v10 and it includes up to date almost all the added up new generation modding features in Warcraft 2 and my mods, including Road of heroes & DAIFE Boosted mod features.

The main highlight from this mod patch is to bring the capacity to now randomizing almost all customized tileets I've got fully functional till this moment (april 14th, 2024), which are about 20.

Tilesets fully functional in this mod are:

Forest-like tilesets:

War1 Forest v2
War1 Forest v3
Rainy Valley Final version

Winter-like tilesets:


Wasteland-like tilesets:
Desert Normal
Desert Woow (Weapons of our Warfare mod)

Orc Swamp-like tilesets:
Orc Swamp
Night Forest
Dark Forest
War1 Swamp
Tree Valley

Randomizing tilesets work for both, single & multiplayer.

The mod works for both single player (custom maps + base game campaigns) OR multiplayer.

Main purpose from this mod, such as it is for v10 enhancements patch, its to bring audio/visual enhancements for the game. Its a universal patch that can be expanded to any other mod.
The code conditions are tied up to the type of Tileset that is being loaded in-game, so then now its not tied up as for each selectable mission such as I coded in Road of Heroes mod, for example.

How to Install & play ?

1) This mod, alongside any of my other mods, can ONLY work with War2 Combat Edition from - you can set up all default settings into the installer.

2) Extract from package and send the folder: "MPv11Files" to your main War2 Combat Edition folder. Same as for the file: MPv11.exe. This last one will let you load the mod and Warcraft 2.

3) Send the file: "pluginMPv11.w2p" to your Plugin folder in War2 Combat Edition. This plugin file allows all functionality from the mod.


If you would like to give me any feedback, then dont hesitate to join my both streaming channels:

I would appreciate if you can donate any money contribution you can to my paypal address:

Good luck & have fun

Is there somebody interested in doing some graphics artwork for a new tileset called as Lava River in Warcraft 2 ? I have the tileset sheet and your job would just be to give some cool and more realistic animations for Lava in Water tiles, but now with Lava shades (aka: orange, yellow, red shades). I'm looking for someone who would be interested at something like this. Of course, credits for this work will be given to you.

In Lava river v1 I have set some animations already in Shorelines & Water (Lava), but it still needs work there to be properly showcased.

In Lava River v2 there are not animations in shorelines but some in Water (Lava).

There's a video and screenshot into here to showcase the index colors that have to be used for the animations. And a video to showcase how currently its seen Lava river v1 with its current animations.

Video with current Lava animations:!AtHUwvs739I6bSXiqF4I3pcJyKw?e=ACGq6z
Any help is really appreciated !

10 / Re: Blizzard server?
« on: March 18, 2024, 09:59:24 AM »
as far as i know, GOG server is always empty there and a known Warcraft 2 streamer, Trogallart actually plays in there with his viewers anytime he's online

In other case, the most populated server are this one

In case you wanted to play with people, just join up the Discord server from Russian server if wanna find out the community or just join the russian server (european time) to play with any of them.

Mods & Development / Re: Fond Memories of the Warclan
« on: March 18, 2024, 04:28:23 AM »
Thanks for the kind words. I hope you enjoy the content that its available nowadays around here.

12 / Re: virus total reports as malware
« on: March 14, 2024, 03:01:13 PM »
so Ed, u see that people still up to date mark combat edition as false positive ? So prob. youtube algorithm did the same and fucked me up.

what could it be ? because its .exe ? unless u can make possible to have war2 in portable mode so it shouldn't be marked as virus.

Mods & Development / Re: War2Mod development log
« on: March 13, 2024, 07:04:25 PM »
so Ed, can u please tell me what is new on here ?

Thanks for uploading the fix!  I'm afraid this is just too difficult for me, however.  On Human mission #3, I spent all 40,000 Gold just trying to defeat Orange on the starting island. It was very hard, especially with the guard tower behind trees and constant attacks from Red. I had to build 2 barracks and deplete all my resources. I had to save/load about 20 times. I finally defeated Orange and realized I haven't even built a Shipyard yet (I'm not sure I have enough gold now for 4 oil platforms and a shipyard). Lol.

These look really fun, but I think the difficulty of your Upgraded Multitileset version is more balanced! I might return to playing that version.

Thanks for your effort!

what difficulty did you play in human3 ?

will keep on balancing out the difficulty better off. Really appreciate your feedback bud.

Sorry for the terrible video quality, but just to show how bad I'm doing:

I tried building more peasants first, then more archers first, then a barracks first. Kept my healthy guys in the front lines, less healthy guys in the back. Had all my peasants working. But I just got overwhelmed each time.

Edit: Wait a minute! I just now tried the "easier" mode, and it gave me 4 peasants instead of 2!  I thought "friendly" was easier? I also noticed that "Hard" mode gave me 2 peasants, the same as "friendly" mode. Maybe the two plugins were mixed up?

sorry, my bad buddy. I corrected it now, +2 peasants and +2 footmen in human2.

The difficulty is balanced out on my own experience and had no other testers to have around. Version 8.7 is released now with that little rebalance

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