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hey fellows, danny here. New war2 mod with higher difficulty.

Road of Heroes, new difficulty mod for war2.
Road of Heroes, new mod based on DAIFE difficulty. Expected higher difficulty in future updates
it's fully playable and includes some of the most recent features: daytime cycle in some forest-like missions

All instructions on how to install the mod are within the link above.

There's one little thing that can be done about unit pathing but it depends from Ed for such.

Very recently, I have tested up his BruhCraft mod and he managed to enable RALLY POINTS for computer on X missions for even specific computer factions.

If Ed wants to release Rally points code, I can make a try to make this thing functional for future mods.

I actually think this is very cool and it's a nice way to control somehow unit pathing, besides it's NOT an universal feature for computer in any situation.

Actually, Warcraft 1 HAD RALLY POINTS to improve its already poor unit pathing, and computer managed to set up some sort of decent rally point for their units in most, if not all of Warcraft 1 missions.

I even checked this Alpha mod out here to remaster Warcraft 1 in Windows 10 and indeed, the original maps had actual rally points for such purpose.

In Warcraft 2, there're a few missions that "attempted" to showcase this rally points feature but in my very honest opinion, if you're an experienced Warcraft 2 player, you may see how it's a bit flawed.
Example of this is, Human11 mission. Alterac-Orange humans have an actual rally point to the entrance of their base (next to towers) so units may not fall too far away from home before attacking, besides they are just planned to just have ONE BARRACKS to produce their entire army in that map, LuL.

Maybe there're other missions which have rally points but I can't remember at the moment... Well I just remembered another one: XOrc2. Green orcs attempt to send their units across the base bridges they have and set them around those, before launching the next attack. Again, since Warcraft 2 original missions are so slow to produce units OR to ever produce anything OR lack of testings, you simply cannot embrace to see it's proper functionality in all it's glory....

If you're willing to check out way faster those rally point features for them, you can check my  DAIFE mod either in Up to v6.940 version OR DAIFE v7.0+:

Yes, I remember quite a couple of CUSTOM MAPS by Blizzard which had this issue about unit pathing, most specially on maps that were intended to be played by ONLY PLAYERS, but with this rally points feature I bet there may be no map where units " should " get stucked with the proper amount of testings.

Cartography & Custom Maps / Re: Gryphon Sanctuary (Base Defense)
« on: January 25, 2023, 11:27:38 AM »
hey bud, I have made a 2nd attempt into your map. I think have fixed up AI to just work as base game should do it.
This time, I got slaughtered a couple of times because running out of resources.

You can take a look on my youtube channel if want to see the feedback. And I think my new plugin did wonderful with your map as a fun challenge.

Little observations:

1) Timing for Orange is a bit slow on the beginning but eventually they get level 5 units and level 3 trolls.

2) Black ran out of gold apparently in mid game when I was taking down orange. There's one new generation function that allows computer to have infinite amount of gold available from the same gold mine if reaches out a minimal amount of gold available, say like 400 in gold mine. I could enable this if you want to keep them harassing till the very end, even though may need

3) Purple did an intense siege with their ships. I was surprised that their ships did not get stucked near shipyards. I think reducing computer range was great for them.

4) They eventually slowed down quite a bit on mid-late game with their transport attacks. But I'm aware now that they're using default AI scripts from Blizzard. Still, they have worked flawlessly this time on your map. I think is the one of the very few times I have seen AI scripts from Blizzard working this flawlessly well. I'm not exaggerating.

5) I just sieged up orange at first because I tried to get the demo squads to get into green's base but I did not have the resources for it in time. In fact, blacks ended up doing overrun to my base because lack of lumber or gold. But also had to invest in defending oil tankers or I would never get good enough amount of demo squads.

6) It's a very well designed map layout. Not too often I see something that fits so well for the war2 AI. I think you deserve way more credit and acknowledgement for this map.

7) If you allow me, I can make an enhanced version that will improve the AI even beyond.

Thanks for the experience!

New universal plugin with for single player custom maps in Warcraft 2 remastered. Audio/visual enhancements and code included to mod the game or alternate with several other of new generation features added up in DAIRE mod. Its called custom maps plugin v7.0

This plugin is universal, which means that is natively intended for custom maps but also can work with base game campaigns and potentially multiplayer,even though I need to disable first some of its features to not cause game crash or game desync in multiplayer. Give me your feedback if interested to add this up for multiplayer as well.

Many of the enhancements some of you may have already seen in my DAIRE mod or Legacy of Dalaran Enhanced:

If you would like to know more about this, feel free to read the mod thread description in the first link above.

Have fun

Mods & Development / Re: Warcraft 1 Battle Net
« on: January 23, 2023, 01:23:26 PM »
keep it up bud. Amazing artwork thus far, no complains at all.

Cartography & Custom Maps / Re: Gryphon Sanctuary (Base Defense)
« on: January 22, 2023, 07:54:39 PM »

about the spell cost, I can assume you're refering to mana cost. If its this then yes, you can check out Legacy of Dalaran Enhanced mod in link above.

I have tweaked Healing mana cost for example to be reduced from 6mana/1HP to 4mana/1HP. Code is available within the mod files as well for anybody willing to do their own customized mods. All code is on C++ programming language.

About damage, I have to ask to Ed gorod for it. He's the genius that knows how to change something like this.

I will see what I can do with the map you posted in here. Thanks for your creativity.

Cartography & Custom Maps / Re: Gryphon Sanctuary (Base Defense)
« on: January 21, 2023, 05:39:18 AM »
is there any special trigger/objective to complete ? I would like to make an enhanced version of this map that have an interesting layout. I can add up custom objectives if that was your original idea. Now its possible nowadays with new generation modding features.

Also, would you allow me to make an enhanced version ?

Thanks for sharing !

hey bud, congratulations about your map. I may give it a try

Enhanced doesnt mean that is not your maps/ideas etc

Fact is that you did nothing since you started, just reedit someone job, maybe at least make something new? Instead remake 30 times mission 1?

yes i appreciate the advice

I have stated within the very first 3 sentences from the mod thread, the link to original author's mod:

I forgot to add it up here maybe. Will correct that if wasn't clear. Or did you not read up the description in mod thread ?

mod thread is called legacy of dalaran """"""" ENHANCED """""""""". So if I ever wanted up to steal someone's job I would not call it ENHANCED, just like I did with 2 of your mods calling them out ENHANCED as well.

Greetings fellow warriors.

I have recently included within my warcraft 2 mods, and thanks to @Mistral to include some new game alerts.

I would appreciate if you can help me out with some voice acting for the next dialogues:

Orcs: It can be either like war2 grunt or war3 peon or war3 grunt.

- "Our oil platform is running low"
- "Our oil platform has been depleted" OR "Our oil platform has colapsed" OR "Insert here your own similar type of sentence".
- " Not enough Oil" OR " "We need more oil".

Humans: It can be either done with war2 peasant OR war2 footman OR war3 Knight OR war3 peasant energy.

- "Our oil platform is running low".
- "Our oil platform has been depleted" OR "Our oil platform has colapsed" OR "Insert here your own similar type of sentence".

I would appreciate your feedback or help either through here on forum OR my streaming channels: OR

Thanks for your time or help.


Hey fellows, Danny here again with a new mod to showcase with some new generation features to Warcraft II alongside the classic campaign maps.

This mod is mainly intended to showcase all the new generation features I have been tweaking around, alongside Edo-gorod to modify Warcraft II in 2022.

DAIRE main features are:
1) Includes all my war2 modding features since like early 2019, up to this date. Since my earliest mods in Insane Edition or DAIFE.

2) This mod uses the maps being showcased on Warcraft 2 Danny's Insane Edition (DIE) [Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness] [Mods] ( The maps have been tweaked though (hopefully) in a way that the MOD is NOT as hard as the insane edition, but mainly focused on showcasing the new features included into the game.

3) Featuring the very first mod with: AI_FIX_PLUGIN . More info about it in: AI fix plugin (
It was initially intended that this would be a single plugin that would showcase those features but now its code is included into the main DAIRE plugin.

Main features from ai_fix that highlights:
- Now only 2 peons needed to repair damaged building.

- Enemy transports can siege any single island on the map, can recover their own units and set them up to attack the next island (original game would keep those units stucked on initial island).
- Now capability to repair ballista/catapults.

- Capability now to change mana cost from spells. Example, 4 mana / 1 hp I natively set up in DAIRE.

- Computer now can keep their progression of attacks and keep gathering wood once you save-Load any map against computer. Since in original game if you save-load any time, you would bug out computer and would eventually stop upgrading- gathering lumber since this was never fixed up by Blizzard Entertainment. Either way, this fix was included into a separate plugin for other my mods like in Warc2 Multiplayer/CustomMap Patches w/Enhancements [Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness] [Mods] ( or DAIFE.

- Computer is now less likely to get stucked with units around coasts to wait for transports.

Unused spells:
- Computer can now use Runes spell from Ogre-mages on player units.
- Death knights can use death coil on gryphon/dragons.
- Death knights can use actual player strategies from Multiplayer like using Haste/UnholyArmor + Whirlwind or Death-Decay on peon/peasants.
- Death knights can use raise of the dead. Skeletons buffed in this mod.
- Peon/peasants can now power build (build faster any not finished building).
- Death knights / Mages can now siege up alongside the armies to player through transports and only-ground squads.
- Mages now can use invisibility + Blizzard on peon/peasants like Multiplayer strategy.
- Fireballs no more used against farms.
- Computer can now build up cannon towers in 50% to 50% ratio with guard towers.
- Computer can now train Goblin sappers / Demolision squads and use them aggressively against player. This can be controlled with AI_SCRIPT.

4) Some of the features included in other of my mods like Insane Edition or DAIFE 7.0+ are:

Damaged portrait icons system:

- Now almost all units have a hit points portrait icon control that allows to showcase a different icon depending on Green - Yellow - Red health bar of each unit. You can see this in left side panel while playing. Credits to MFromAzeroth for his wonderful artwork and contribution to my mods & Warcraft 2.

New audio system in Warcraft II:

- If you ever noticed that you could spam sounds for each unit on each time you right click, then this happens no more. With this new audio system, now almost every single unit (for now) have a timer that does not allow anymore to spam sound files each time you right click OR you move fast enough between your group controls (aka ctrl + 1  and ctrl + 2). So in the end, each time you left click or right click a unit, you may have to wait a little bit before hearing out the next randomized sound file.

- All units keep their own original sound files from Warcraft II, but quite a couple of them now have quite new audio files that either come from Warcraft 3 or Chronicles from the Second War (December 23th,2022 - This is a new incoming Warcraft 3 mod that intends to remaster Warcraft II into that game engine).
For example, Trolls keep up their own unique audio files but Berserker now includes the whole set of audio files from Headhunter in Warcraft 3.

- Several units have death audio sounds coming from Warcraft 3 (classic & reforged), like ogres or grunts or footmen or peasants. Those death audio files are randomized.

- Units that used to have very limited amount of sound files (also known as: ballistas, catapults, flying machines, gryphons), now include a whole set of new audio files coming from Warcraft III. I kept still intact the limited audios from Warcraft II for such units. And as far as I remember, for example Ballistas now have up to 10 left click audio files, just to mention.

Multiple new (& old) tilesets:

- Through the rescued old files from unknown authors since early 2000, I managed to find out several tilesets that have been showcased since DAIFE mod. So in this mod, there's a total of 23 tilesets that are showcased within the 52 campaign mission maps. 19 customs + 4 base game tilesets. In essence, the 19 ones are replacing in one case or another to the 4 classic tilesets. But the capability is unlimited to add up any new others... As long as I have more motivation to it, there're many more I could add up into either this or any other future war2 mod.

- Several of these tilesets I did not manage to find who exactly made them possible, but some credits are into here for the ones I managed to find:
- Alexander Cech, author from NightForest & Desert (WooW). Tilesets available in Weapons of our Warfare mod.
- Hell: Warlock & Cameron Vine, as far as I know these 2 guys made this tileset possible.
- Cameron Vine, author of Glacier - Jungle - Desert (Normal) tilesets.

Not enough gold, lumber, oil, mana, food alerts:

- The mod now include alerts for Oil, lumber, food, gold, mana whenever you don't have them available. Just like Warcraft 3. At least "not enough oil" is available for humans. Still need any contribution for: "not enough oil", "oil platform depleted" for orcs and "oil platform depleted" for humans.

Upgrade / Research completed:

- Like Warcraft 3. Now you recieve a sound alert anytime an upgrade or research is completed. Knight or Grunt from Warcraft 3. Also, Dwarves make their own contribution to this department in some of the Alliance missions. Credits to Chronicles of the Second War warcraft 3 incoming mod for their work into it.

Mission objectives:

- This mod now contains the main plugin with the feature to showcase the original Warcraft 2 triggers into the campaigns, but some of the missions already have tweaked objectives in order to showcase the new features. So within the code, you're now capable to not only change the mission objectives for each map but take the code to make your own maps as well. Take a look into Plugin folder and so then " w2p.cpp " file in order to check the plugin code.

I cannot remember more at the moment but surely you may discover them up through the mod.

5) This mod is NOT fully tested and up to December 23th, 2022. I have just wanted to release this because it has many features and I may take forever to test it all through. Since testing phase takes a lot of time, to be honest.
The mod is released today in Alpha v1.0. Even though, most if not all missions are theorically possible to beat. Since Insane Edition had all of its missions to beat already. Even though, this mod is NOT intended to have a difficulty just as hard as it is showcased on Insane Edition.
I may keep updating this mod though, to fit the proper difficulty intended... And most specially, I hope at some point to deliver an easier version for more casual level people to still manage to experience the new generation features.

How to install & play:

1) Just like any of my other war2 mods in gamebanana, you need to first install Warcraft 2 Combat Edition from -> lambchops build (this is set up by default on installer). Combat Edition is THE ONLY WARCRAFT INSTALLATION THAT ALLOWS TO PLAY THIS MOD WITH THE PLUGIN NEEDED TO WORK.

2) Set up the main DAIRE plugin into Plugin(s) folder (this folder is built up by default once you install War2 Combat Edition).

3) Place DAIREfiles folder (DO NOT CHANGE THIS NAME) into your main War2 folder.

4) Place Install.exe into your main folder. This file contains quite a couple of remastered, fan-made music based on classic war2 music.. Note: december 23th, 2022 I hope in the future, this install.exe file is NOT needed anymore.

5) Place DAIRE_HD.exe and DAIREnormal.exe files into your main war2 folder. Depending on whether you play on Widescreen War2 or normal classic resolution game. You NEED to load up the game whether in DAIRE_HD.exe or the other .exe files. Most probably, if you didn't hear of Widescreen feature, then just load up DAIREnormal.exe file.

6) Just play from the campaign menu.


If you were willing to know how it was possible to add up all of these new generation features into Warcraft 2, you gotta take a look into Plugin folder, which includes ALL code being used in the main DAIRE plugin.
MBuild.exe file is the one that will compile all code into the main plugin.
w2p.cpp is the file that contains ALL code. It's all written in C++ (once again big thanks to Edo-gorod for it's contribution to the game and modding features).
ORIG war2 triggers.cpp file contains the original campaign map triggers. You can use this as a guide to make your OWN MAPS ! But also use this as a guide to make different triggers from either DAIRE or other maps around. There's also an objective trigger for custom maps (search on filter from w2p.cpp file for "v_custom" to set up your custom winning trigger).

Maybe on the future I may do youtube tutorial videos to explain this stuff about the code even further, but you can dig on already within DAIRE's plugin code to change the new generation features. Don't worry. I did not know much about C++ at the start but you may eventually understand without much issue.

** If you would like to give me any feedback about this mod, I would appreciate it quite a lot if you can do it on either my twitch or youtube channels: OR while I regularly do these tests for the war2 mods.

If you could help with my livelihood or making these mods possible in 2022, I would appreciate your money support to my paypal address in:


feedback is appreciated on my twitch or youtube channels.

have fun

Original author's mod/maps in:

Greetings. I'm a little warcraft 2 modder that have managed to get new generation features to improve the game in current 2022. You can check out either my twitch or youtube channel as being the very only channel that keeps updating Warcraft 2 in current 2022. OR

So long story-short, I'm releasing a new Warcraft 2 mod in  So this mod is called Legacy of Dalaran. It's based on a war2 mod published in around 2020. This is an enhanced version of that mod with whole new generation features that I have been gradually adding up to the game since like 2019.
The thing is that this mod has 7 missions. All with Khadgar's speech and perspective. I have just added up a bot to mention all the mission briefings. If you were willing to help me out with the voice acting, I would appreciate your audio recording for all 7 missions + EPILOGUE. Here below you can see a gameplay I did on last youtube stream broadcast to showcase this Enhanced version with the bot doing all the mission briefing audio.

I live in here the missions + epilogue text scripts. If you're willing to help me out to improve the mods and bring Warcraft II once more to glory, I would appreciate your help.
If you would like to help me sustain my little streams and motivation, I would really appreciate your money contribution to my paypal address:

Greetings fellows.

There's this very recent mod I'm looking up to do and release called Danny's AI Royal Edition (DAIRE), which contains new generation features made by Ed-gorod. Very nice to keep the game updated in 2022.

Pretty much now, I'm capable to add up just as many voice-acting files for any single game unit so, if you're interested to contribute I can add your voice acting work for the unit overall inside the mod or for specific missions.

You can check one of my last broadcasts in:

Just take a look in the very first mission I played (human07) where Rangers have their own voice acting files, Flying machines, Ballistas and probably more coming out.

The units very usually have the next established voice acting by Blizzard Entertainment:

Unit :
PissedA (3 or more clicks on the unit)
Pissed B
Pissed C
UnitWhat1 (left click on unit)
UnitAcknowledgement1 (right click for unit)

But again, now I'm capable thanks to Edo-gorod to apply just as many other sound files for either UnitPissed, WhatUnit or UnitAcknowledgement so it's strictly necessary to have these exact numbers from any of you that wanted to help within the modding.

Other units like Dragons or Gryphon raiders were limited as well. Same as ships which all used the same voice acting files. So if you were willing to help me out with your contribution, I would be happy to have them available for the mod itself and most probably, future warcraft 2 mods.

If you're interested on my past mods, you can take a look into the war2 public mods in:

Overall I would appreciate that you can bring me up any of your feedback or interest (if you ever have), within my twitch stream: or the youtube channel:   whenever i may do another new stream.

Have a good day

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