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1 / new version
« Last post by Mistral on Today at 03:54:31 AM »
new version here
you can now change some game settings right in the lobby:
1) can change fixed spots
2) can change 1 peon or all units (so even if u hosted CHOP wrong u can see it and fix)
3) can select resources
4) can disable fog of war (same checkbox as it was in old LAN lobby)
maybe later will add changing tilesets

also added fast writings for color in chat, just write codewords starting from # and they will change into color:
#3 or #red
#5 or #gray
#4 - change from orc to hum (or other way)
#yellow - default orc
#white - default human
#66 or #orc - green text like orc skin
#136 or #water - in game its water pixels but in lobby they light brown
player colors:
#p1 or #pred - red player text
#p2 or #pblue - blue player text
#p3 or #pgreen or #pteal - green player text
#p4 or #pviolet or #ppurple - violet player text
#p5 or #porange - orange player text
#p6 or #pblack - black player text
#p7 or #pwhite - white player text
#p8 or #pyellow - red player text (ultra blue in lobby)
2 / Re: Largest Contributors to Warcraft 2 gameplay!
« Last post by jessu001 on June 08, 2023, 04:43:01 AM »
Awake! Shout out! The prince of the game, of who would reckon? For he will have an assembly with you. He will hold assimilation, and tell the heap of your trouble to consolation. What is the disgrace of the player that creates conduct out of hate? What is the hate that creates conduct out of disgrace? Let all be honorable mention, to those who relinquish not the borders of conceit, to secretly charge themselves a withdrawal into this substance. I can oust the corner of display, that people go awry, and in time, they fall. Let it not be so. Let all know, that in Christ Jesus is strength. That the rapidness of a river is confounded -- but when it strokes itself into a quiet monotony, and dwindles in its curved proceedings, does it allow itself to be heard. Therefore let it not be so that it is NEVER heard, for if life be life, then Christ Jesus is nothing, but life not, and death not -- but death is sincere to life, and life is indeed sincere to Christ. The allowance of bondage to satan in your life is not construed to hurt you, the allowance of that on your life reaps corruption, innate insecurity, and hopelessness. One must know that GOD IS JEALOUS, and to have the glory of GOD in your life is one to pass bread, having taken part therefrom, knowing that GOD granted you the right to have it, being so as who you are, witness to his glory, to share that glory -- and love your neighbor as yourself, for it is witness a mountain in stead of a man, to confront GOD with his knowledge that it is intact, who made all things in the earth, and above, in the midst, and below the earth, and all that therein is, to that end that it is not robbery to think that GOD didn't bless those who know of it, rather than those who are as a beast before HIM, who go along, and know him not. Amen.
3 / Re: server is down
« Last post by Mistral on June 07, 2023, 12:50:48 PM »
4 / Re: server is down
« Last post by Droid on June 07, 2023, 12:00:06 PM »
Yes, please go cycling!
5 / server is down
« Last post by Szwagier on June 07, 2023, 11:40:08 AM »
3rd place pov

I asked challonge to add warcraft 2 to their game list and they delivered  ^-^. Makes finding old tournys much easier from now on. Just remember to use it!  8)
Strategy & Replays / soth vrs nerzy
« Last post by justinschmidt on June 05, 2023, 10:42:15 PM »
Strategy & Replays / Re: 2017 World Championship Replays
« Last post by justinschmidt on June 05, 2023, 10:41:28 PM »
10 / Re: $600 2v2 Chop Farms Tournament - Saturday June 3rd at 3PM EST
« Last post by ~ToRa~ on June 05, 2023, 06:32:33 AM »

Thanks to everyone who played and must say those were some GG's
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