Author Topic: Banning peoples like piece of shit.  (Read 9838 times)

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Re: Banning peoples like piece of shit.
« Reply #15 on: November 15, 2016, 11:40:37 AM »
You're misinterpreting that, it's not meant to state that's the only thing you can be punished for ever.  In fact it's not even really about the forums.  It's written in response to Sepi reviewing Swift's business on facebook.

No i dont misinterprint that.

I just try to be myself while i also need to cares about those rules and following them, but your so useless, lazy and non organize, that everything you do is a shame and pure waste.

Why the fuck you got like 3 threads of non sens rules, can we had 1 CLEAR THREAD ABOUT THAT, OR 1 clear page on the official website, and just dont fucking make useless shitty sticky thread that gonna confuse everyone.

If you fucking got something to said at sepi, then told it to sepi, no need to make fucking bullshity sticky thread to confuse everyone and ban them after.

I dont fucking cares about your piece of shit admin tora, but told him one thing, told him to dont fucking interact with me, not in the game, not in the forum, just no where, he do what he want, but he certainly dont fucking speak to me or about me.

Because im not fucking doing his shitty tournament, actually i sacrfice myself of doing what i love just because of that guy, i just fucking cant do tournament in my favorite game because of that guy, so i dont want to stand that guy in my thread and talkshit about me.

If he do, then i do what i want.


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