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WarLeague has begun!! Get started here!!!
« on: August 03, 2018, 05:05:16 PM »
(big thankyou to babyshark for proofreading and editing my sloppy warleague manual thankkkyouuuu so much! ;D)

Due  to reformatting we lost the sign ups info so we will do another sign ups shortly
for now this is your starter kit to participate in WarLeague we are gonna run a beta mini league over the weekend starting tonight! in 3 hours!!

download this starter kit to get started rules an regulations of the league will be included along with the 20 pack of maps that can only be played in WL
these maps contain some BNE maps as well remasterd to make fit for the league

official league will start aug 14th!  ,, but I need atleast 4 teams tonight to begin the beta league!!.. please sign up here

beta league info

i need the team captain for each team or clan to sign up by leaving a reply with there bnet names + 3 to 7 other names of there team
each team can contain 4 to 8 players to be able to participate in the game modes available
these game modes contain anywhere from 1v1 to 4v4 … everything you need to know is in the zip file please sign up for tonight now!

This is the WarLeague manual in which the below package contains (also the WL maps and point system manual is in this zip)


 WarLeague will be a unique team tournament system.

The League will contain 4 Seasons, 1 for every quarter of the year. WarLeague Season 1 will officially kick off on August 14, 2018.

Every ending of a quarter will go out with a bang with the top 4-8 teams competing in tourney style.

Every team will consist of 4 - 8 players (only up to 4 can play per game, of course, but you will need spare players as not all players will be available at all times).

Teams are minimum 4 players and maximum 8 players.

If your want to remove and add a new player (in the event one becomes inactive) you can do that by speaking with a mod who will adjust your team info.

Every league season will consist of 4 types of games to rack up points for your team:


Once the first 4 teams are signed up, we will issue you weekly schedules. You can check your schedule through the WarLeague bot with the command:




The trigger is your team's name and "sch". Only the team captain or assistant captain will be able to receive team info from the bot.

Another way to check your schedule will be through the forums and, soon enough, our own personal website.

How to Play

There will be no specific date and time for your games. That is for your teams to decide but there will be deadlines. You will receive your schedule weekly in which you will need to execute your scheduled games within that week.
The schedule will detail which teams you will face for the week in which game modes (1v1 or 3v3 etc.)

1v1s and 2v2s can be arranged by any team members. 3v3s and 4v4s will be arranged by the team captain or co-captain.

Once games are played and logged in the bot, they are written in the history books of Warcraft 2 and are forevermore unchangeable.


To play WarLeague matches, you enter whatever channel the WarLeague bot is located in and you send the following command to the WarLeague bot:

.warbot [team 1 name] [team 2 name] [game round#]


.warbot as td 1

(In this example, as = absolute synergy, TD = Team Dynasty, 1 = game number 1

The bot will then respond with:

team as vs td round 1...please select a map

IMPORTANT:  When deciding on choosing a map between the 2 teams you must flip an imaginary coin via the WarLeague bot to decide who chooses first.

After deciding which team is heads and which is tails, give the bot the command:


This is a gentlemen's league so the loser will either

A: choose the next map
B: choose for the next map to be random (the winning team of a game played on a random map will receive bonus points)

Now the next command will go to the person who won the coin flip.
There are 20 maps that can be played in WarLeague. Each of these maps have been tested and modified specifically for WarLeague use.

Each valid map will contain "- WL -". You can not use any map that is not in the WarLeague database or the game will not count.

After it is decided if it will be a random map or a map of your choice (random maps = 3 bonus points), give the following command to the WarLeague bot:

.map [map name]


.map Garden of War

The bot will respond to let you know the map selection has been completed successfully.

To select a random map, issue this command to the bot:

The bot will respond by saying, "The War gods have chosen: Garden Of War."

Once these steps are taken with the bot and everything is logged you can begin your game.

IMPORTANT: In the event of a bot or user error, take a screen shot of every transaction with the bot. Make sure you gave every correct command to the bot and received the correct responses from the bot. Take screen shots for proof in case the bot somehow doesn't log the data properly or data gets lost. It is also just good to have back up proof for any disputes you may have with a league member or whatever it may be. I recommend both teams participating in doing this.

After each game, you will perform each step with the bot again to play subsequent games.

Again, log all of your interactions with the bot with screen shots for proof.

IMPORTANT: Take a screen shot of each victory screen after a WarLeague game in case any mishaps take place.

After the Game

This is how to end a 3 game series. After you are finished playing, let the bot know by entering this command by each team:

Eacg team will say:

 .endgame [yourteam] [otherteam] [score]


.endgame as td 2-1

The bot will repspond: "WarLeague Game Logged as vs td 2-1"

IMPORTANT: Both winning and losing team must give this command to the bot to properly log your series.

MAKE SURE you mention your team first in the command and your score first as well.

If you lost, it will look like this:

.endgame td as 1-2

(TD in this example is the team with the score of 1).

ALSO IF YOU DO NOT LOG IN YOUR GAME whether the other team did or not, you will be deducted points for being a poor sport and failing to follow proper protocol.

If the winning team does not log its end game report, they will not receive the points.


If a team forfeits and does not complete the games within 12 hours of beginning the 3 game series, it will be a considered a forfeit for whichever games were not finished and counted as a loss for the team that failed to bot log. All times will be logged.

If games are not logged with the WarLeague bot, they do not count!! If it was played and you did log it with the bot, but the WarLeague bot does not acknowledge it, then you will use your screen shots of the transactions with the bot and victory screen shot to show that you did indeed play the games.

WarLeague Point System

This is just to explain the point system. You will not log points in with the bot. You will log matches won or lost with the bot. WarLeague will distribute points according to the WarLeague point system as described below.

Each match won is 2 points in the rankings. If a team 3-0 sweeps, that's 6 points plus a bonus 3 points for the sweep.

If a team wins 2 games in a series that is 4 points in the rankings system.
Example: [2-1] will be translated as [4-2] in the point system (4 points for the winning team and 2 points for the losing team).

[3-0] = [6+3-0] (3 bonus points for a sweep) and so on. You do not receive points for losing a match but only for matches won.

Points will be deducted for poor sports so make sure you compete with good manners.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: You do not log the points into the bot you only log the game scores of games won and lost. Points are distributed by the WarLeague bot.

For every game not completed due to the opposing team not showing up on time to play or not meeting at the every day gaming time of  1-4 pm EST (or 17:00 – 20:00 Warcraft 2 server time), it will be a forfeit for them and the team granted the win of the forfeit will receive 1.5 points.

For every random map played,  an additional 3 points will be awarded to the team who chose each random map. If all 3 games are played on random maps, that is an additional 9 points available per 3 game series.

A team has the power to score up to 36 points per game series if they receive all the bonus points (for sweeps, random maps, and wins if the team was lucky enough to receive 7 point maps for each of the 3 maps randomized).

If you're unlucky and you lose all your games on top of playing the maps with the least amount of points, the least amount of score you could receive in a game series is 12 points.

It is important for you to finish out your 3 game series (win or lose) to receive the map points for participating.

Bonus points will also be rewarded for completing your schedule each week (10 points for your team).

Map Points

Each map contains a certain amount of points which will be added on top of your overall points from winning games.
Win or lose, both teams will receive the map points. The points of each map will be listed on each map on the bot when asked to display.

If your games were played on GOW [5], POS [5] and Sugar Rush [7], that is an additional 17 points for each team that participated.

The more popular maps are worth less points and the novel WarLeague maps are worth more points. Larger maps will be worth more than smaller maps.

Team meet up times will be 1-4 EST time daily or 17:00 – 20:00 Warcraft 2 Server Time

Every day 1-4 pm is considered the LAST CHANCE time of getting a game are welcomed to get the game done anytime your 2 teams can execute it but
if you are not able to communicate with a team that you need to play, the universal time to get these games done are 1-4 pm EST time every day.

So whichever team misses the meet up time the most out of the week will be considered the forfeited team. To prove you were available to make the game happen from 1-4 EST every day you will check your team in to the bot  by entering ".checkin [teamname]". Each player that is required for the match must check in. For instance if it was a 3v3, 3 players of the team must check in prove they were available to play.

Then the team that was available will receive the base points for the series 1.5 (plus 12 for maps). The opposing absent team will get 0 points for the forfeit.
f both teams equally checked in but still did not get the games done then they will both receive
the base 1.5 points (plus 12 points for the lowest map points available).

Over all this point system is catered to allow people join in on the WarLeague at any time. They can jump into WarLeague after a month and still catch up. Playing all random maps, going for the sweeps, following WarLeague rules, not missing a game, and receiving the base points are ways to catch up with points.

Individual Rankings

Every member from every team will receive individual points for individual rankings for every game they participate in. There be a team ranking system as well as an individual ranking system.

This is another reason why it is important you log every game played with InSight an upload the recordings of every game to the forums. Without these replays we will not be able to see which members participated in what games.

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Re: WarLeague has begun!! Get started here!!!
« Reply #1 on: August 03, 2018, 05:12:55 PM »
Discord Warriors sending out invitations but don't know who will join my team. First 8 to accept will get in for now.




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Re: WarLeague has begun!! Get started here!!!
« Reply #2 on: August 03, 2018, 05:49:08 PM »
I thought I removed this post lol sorry gotta remove it for now I got the manuascript getting proof read by baby shark lol

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Re: WarLeague has begun!! Get started here!!!
« Reply #3 on: August 03, 2018, 06:54:47 PM »
ready to get these rankings filled in babbyyy

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Re: WarLeague has begun!! Get started here!!!
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this is an example of how to interact with warbot in completing your matches your team was scheduled to do for the week (part 1)

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Re: WarLeague has begun!! Get started here!!!
« Reply #5 on: August 03, 2018, 09:55:41 PM »
this is an example of how to interact with warbot in completing your matches your team was scheduled to do for the week (part 2)

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Re: WarLeague has begun!! Get started here!!!
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Just to make it easier to see these:

its gooder to hax hard and NEVER get caught!

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Re: WarLeague has begun!! Get started here!!!
« Reply #7 on: August 04, 2018, 07:57:15 PM »
can some one movoe this to the warleague section! ty