Author Topic: Looking up for voice acting to Khadgar in new Mod, warcraft 2, Legacy of Dalaran  (Read 4736 times)

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Greetings. I'm a little warcraft 2 modder that have managed to get new generation features to improve the game in current 2022. You can check out either my twitch or youtube channel as being the very only channel that keeps updating Warcraft 2 in current 2022. OR

So long story-short, I'm releasing a new Warcraft 2 mod in  So this mod is called Legacy of Dalaran. It's based on a war2 mod published in around 2020. This is an enhanced version of that mod with whole new generation features that I have been gradually adding up to the game since like 2019.
The thing is that this mod has 7 missions. All with Khadgar's speech and perspective. I have just added up a bot to mention all the mission briefings. If you were willing to help me out with the voice acting, I would appreciate your audio recording for all 7 missions + EPILOGUE. Here below you can see a gameplay I did on last youtube stream broadcast to showcase this Enhanced version with the bot doing all the mission briefing audio.

I live in here the missions + epilogue text scripts. If you're willing to help me out to improve the mods and bring Warcraft II once more to glory, I would appreciate your help.
If you would like to help me sustain my little streams and motivation, I would really appreciate your money contribution to my paypal address: