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1 / Re: new ELO ladder
« on: September 29, 2023, 01:41:17 PM »
I really like that man great job, but here some things, i think that will improve alot.

Ive watch into the Random maps folder, and it seem there already 12 maps listed in the folder.

I think 12 maps is way too much, 12 maps will not feel alright, the brain want different maps for sure,
but not too much, too much is hard to learn in 3 months, i think 4-8 maps will be great.

What can be even greater, is to add 4 maps in the beginning of the season, then every 2 weeks, you can add one more.

It will break the normal routine and will just be more enjoyable at the end with new content every 2 weeks.

Also, when you start a season, you could make a forum post or use the original website to make a post about it,
and you should present picture of every maps in the pools, it's hard for peoples to get interess on something if there no presentation for it and we dont already know what maps look like.

I also agree with duda that gow ef must be in every pools, it should be a basic map every season, peoples need reason to play that ladder,
gow is one of the biggest reason why peoples will play or not play it, you want different maps sure, but without removing the most played one.

Anyway, good job, it's appreciated.

2 / Re: Forum Moderator
« on: September 27, 2023, 08:55:27 AM »
Omg Equinox did one post in the entire year to defend himself and said truth, let's do something about it, how can we let this happen, especially while other trolls who dint even play the game made super important pool to talk about tk mom.

Get a life kid.

3 / Re: An Open Letter To The Community
« on: September 24, 2023, 01:50:18 PM »
Already told you above. TheOneCrow I believe it was.

EQ find out the answer yourself or shut the fuck up about it already. Go fucking ask him you moron. Be an adult. You have absolutely no motivation to find out the answer to your random speculation when the answer is something that can simply be found out. You just want to bitch to bitch.

Stop being a dramatic woman and find the facts. It's not that fucking hard man. You make simple things so complicated and annoying for everyone. Tora telling me the answer and then me telling you will do absolutely nothing, as you will continue to deny. You know this. We both know this. Why the hell would you even say it?

Next time, I will ask for the access, ask what the command even is, and then ban your ass and tell you to your face. I might even hold my own tournament again just for that. Then you can be right for once. You are like a little kid sometimes, jesus christ. You are not as smart as you think.

Tora- you should remove all of these unrelated posts- it is taking away from the original post

You believe? ok lol.

Anyway no one need answer, you talk about me, i answer to it, thats all, for the truth, we both know it, thats what matter. 

4 / Re: An Open Letter To The Community
« on: September 24, 2023, 02:08:45 AM »
"We had a top SC player who got good real fast and kept getting banned for being a smurf (EQ)."

This is the only thing I said with your name in it. It was just the truth is all. Not shit talking.

For the 80th time, I did not do anything pertaining to you and the channel. I simply squelched you to myself. /squelch equinox. Go ask Tora for the logs, for the 80th time.

A top player SC getting ban by me, oh really, who?? Whats the name?

And for the 80th times, stop lie, you clearly did, and if you dint then tell tora to watch the logs and find out who DID and tell me, but we both know nobody will check, because you did it!

5 / Re: auto obs me + afk
« on: September 22, 2023, 02:47:11 AM »
This is really great stuff, i really like that!

But maybe you could also add '' OBS '' just like the way you write '' BRB or AFK '' so when you write ''OBS'' it auto Obs so we dont have to wait for the hoster to do it or forgot it!

Good job.

6 / Re: An Open Letter To The Community
« on: September 22, 2023, 02:17:00 AM »
instead to hang with the real dedicate pro players like me. Best of the world, Have fun brotha.

That's hella real bro. Word up.

Na seriously though, I'm not sure what your post is even about or what it has to do with making the community more fun.

Oh i guess talking about me the way Harry did is way more fun and productive right? Now at least you know the truth, Thanks for your input bro!

7 / Re: An Open Letter To The Community
« on: September 21, 2023, 09:26:26 AM »
Most new people who log in just want to muck around for a few hours and then never come back, they are not interested in becoming good players.

Ofcourse good players are not going to want to ally people who have played for 2 hours

I don't know that your first statement is true.

And I definitely don't think your second statement is true. Maybe it's true in GoW.

Hey wassup Adam, Im Equinox!

I got a question for you, do you remember a week ago when you came back to the game and you ask everyone on channel how to know whos players connected on the game?
Im sure you do, because no one answer you, except 2 guys, one tell you, '' Your mom '' and someone else tell you ./CON.

You remember that bro, you remember Equinox was the one to help you and tell you ./CON.

Im sure you do!

Listen, HarryWangs is a troll and a hater, like 90% of this server actually, he hate me because i said truth about his hacking friends, and since he host tournament and i said he finnance hackers, hes mad at me and try to talktrash on me, he also love to abuse of his power and mute me on game channel for no reason. Most of peoples here are trolls, hackers and liars, they are all mad against me, cuz i have been the most dedicated players on the server for the last 20 years, helping everyone, streaming everyday, hosting tournament all the time, there only one person i can consider dedicated as me and its burnt, other than that, no one even close to us... It's true in the past i was pretty much love by the community, but one day, i realize they were mostly all hacking, cheating, swapping account, abbusing the ladder, everything you can imagine, it's probably have been done.. So when i realize that, i speak the truth, and since then, they all get over me, they form secret group trolling me, saying lie, trying to destroy my reputation etc.

Shotgun is right, no one love to play with noobs when your pro like us, actually even the good/average players dont wanna play with noobs, no actually, they dont cares to play in a game with noobs, untill they dont ally them, untill peoples like me and shotgun must ally them, but if me and shotgun want to ally eachothers, they gonna leave bro, and they gonna let noobs alone, and there will be no games at all. Not only they gonna leave, but they would probably host their own game and stacked the teams in their favor. Or the rest will be smarter, they will make private games, so you cant join at all because you dont know the password. But you know what, even if it's true, Harrywangs liying to you, everyone know, especially me, Equinox, that i ally the noobs all the time, it mean 99% of the time, yes, thats how good i am brotha... 99% of the time, i take noobs in my teams, cuz 90% of the server are noobs and the other 10% that can reach my level will be put in the other team, because i cant ally them anyway, peoples will cry, Harrywangs know that, actually everyone know that, but they lie, they will not tell you truth, they want to talktrash and make me look bad, they always have does it.. HarryWangs act like a good guy, trying to protect the noobs, but the reality, is, harrywangs probably the first one to quit the game and leave you alone.. Sure i boot some peoples sometime, it's true, but i dont boot them because they are noobs, i boot them because they are trolls, alot of these peoples are just here to ruin others experience.. Some will join your game and will go straight up to mid, build a bunch of towers and literally play like a 5 years old child, and they will do that over, over and over again untill you realize you are trolled.. Some others will join your games, and will tell everyone starting position at beginning of the games, some other will join your games and will start to lag for 20 minutes making the game unplayable for everyone. Ive played this game for 25 years, i got a pretty good six sens for that kind of peoples.. It's pretty easy for me to know who will ruin our games or who will respect it... When i see someone like you on channel asking for help, i dont hesitate, and i help them, exactly what i did with you, you remember? But most of the time, its not the case, sadly.. Harrywangs know that too, but Harrywangs his a liar, an hypocrite and hes also a troll.. Hes there trying to act like i dont love noobs, when actually im the one that ally them the most on the server, for year, years and years.. And most of them, dint even respect me, even if i ally them, while others will not ally them at all, you know what they do to thanks me, they came on my stream and troll me, or they goes on u8 stream to talktrash about me, these peoples dont even have respect. Like i said, it's not hard for me to ally noobs all the time, because 90% for me are all noobs. These peoples are mad, cuz they all hacks or trolls, and since i said the truth about their favorite player U8, the biggest hacker of the server, they hate me, they feel more attach to him, because they probably also hacks too, so, hackers hang with hackers, and hackers hate peoples who speak truth. Maybe it's just cooler to the hang with the gang too, i doubt they all hack, but they all want to hang with the gang. I wish you dont have to realize this by yourself, but you will clearly do, but like all of em, you will probably hang with the hackers, because its easier to hang with the gang and do like nothing happen, instead to hang with the real dedicate pro players like me. Best of the world, Have fun brotha.

8 / Re: An Open Letter To The Community
« on: September 21, 2023, 08:41:25 AM »
1) you create 1 today then you create another 100 tommorow

2) also about Nox acc if you really fucked up so much as forgetting password and even email too, you could have just asked for pw reset, just needs to prove you real Eq in discord and we can just restore your real acc

3) first time hear BGN or semthing, not everyone knows those

4) harrywang is good guy, why you shit talk so much about him

5) everyone liking real Eq

6) approval working for all new accounts who have less than 2 posts

7) ye sure have a nice day

1: ??? What ???
2: Ive already done that with fois on discord, seem like he forgot, im just tire of running, i dont cares anymore.
3: Sure it's first time you eard that, we cant barely see you on the game, how would you know im Big Great Nox.
4: HarryWangs talkshit on me for no reason and mute me on channel games because he dont like the fact i talk about his hackers friends.
5: Ok now your clearly trolling me.
6: ok, so now i got 2, should not happen again.
7: Thank you very much, you too.

9 / Re: An Open Letter To The Community
« on: September 21, 2023, 07:21:59 AM »
if you really Equinox then write from your real acc
why create 10000 billion new cursed smurfs

also you writed inexplicable insults about good members of our community, which is real Equinox would never do, as everyone knows he is a good guy, not someone like you who going insulting everything for no reason

1: I got 2 accounts on this forum, Nox and BGN, and i just created BGN today, not 10000 billions like you try to pretend.
2: I cant use Nox account cuz i dont have the password anymore and i dont have the e-mail either.
3: Everyone know who is BGN, BGN mean '' Big great Nox '' It's not a smurf, and since when do you cares about smurfs, this server is compose of 60% smurfs.
4: Im not the one who talk about suppose ''good'' members of our community, harrywang is the one talking about me for no reason, read above your post.
5: You have never like me, dont act like you do.
6: Remove that approval moderation on my posts, what the heck is this.
7: Now i must re-write my post for Adam, what a waste of time because of you, thank you very much.

10 / Re: An Open Letter To The Community
« on: September 21, 2023, 03:05:43 AM »
Mistral delete my message for no reason.

I am Equinox.

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