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1) Support Requests / Re: Bullying for ~Tora~
« on: March 03, 2018, 07:53:16 PM »
TGS informed me that he does the /dnd or /squelch however, if he joins the game before some 1 bans him he still rants. Furthermore, when TGS recons LRJ sees that and then he still spills his vitriolic hatred on my friend TGS. Totally uncalled for in all cases..

So it seems to me...

2) Support Requests / Re: Bullying for ~Tora~
« on: March 03, 2018, 06:58:34 PM »
It's every time "TheGoodShepherd" is online and he pops on. It's non stop of him going on and on using racial slurs which are not appropriate.
I'd suggest at least a 1 week ban because he had already had a 3 day ban for the same kind of stuff with other war 2 users. He consistently persists and doesn't get the picture that it isn't ok to shout names/ spam/ spoof and otherwise harass others. He needs to be sent a very clear message it will not be tolerated. Help our friends to not be BULLIED! It needs to stop.

The Good Shepherd is a very good friend of the community at large. He makes as many know, lots of maps with various settings. One of which was voted to be in the Water Tournament. Let's not see my friend, "TheGoodShepherd" run away because of ruthless unchecked Bullies like Lee Roy Jenkins. TGS told me that he actually left the server for a month because of the unchecked abuse. This is totally unacceptable.

That's my very STRONG opinion! If it were up to me - he'd be gone for Month the same amount of time that TGS left because of him. 

3) Support Requests / [done] Bullying for ~Tora~
« on: March 03, 2018, 06:16:22 PM »
Open thread for Lee Roy Jenkins with akas Fevertree, Wyatt Earp and several other akas. He spoofed, spammed, insulted and otherwise has bullied, "TheGoodShepherd" my friend, every time he is on the war 2 server. He was warned several times to stop and desist. He keeps doing it. He logged out as "leeroyjenkins" and relogged as "TheGoodFucktard" and shouted insults there too. 7 ss's are posted on ss.war2.ru 3/3/2018. He took actual photos of the main chat attached here with ranting and insults with the above incidents. This was over the course of 5 hours of play here and there on Saturday. He does it EVERYTIME "TheGoodShepherd" is online.

Pirates Lagoon Demo 5 now ready for DL.

Fixed numerous issues with blasting and mining mini - expo's.
i.e. peons getting stuck or stopped mining because of spacing issues.

Also, fixed the issues of some spots where their peon lines can be decimated by shore blasting. If not completely making the player unable to play the spot.

Attached demo 5.

5) Server.War2.ru / HELP - Lost Maps created by Warhammer
« on: August 02, 2017, 02:14:44 AM »
Many of you old timers know that I have created many maps through the years. About 3 or 4 years ago my main computer suffered an electrical spike and I lost all those maps. Some of you now MAY have them.

I am specifically looking for a map called,
Warhammers Maze. I forget if it was an 8 player or 6 player map. I believe it was a 6 player map.


Other lost maps are -
* Pie
* Spiral for 6 (I created a another one recently)
* Small Pond (This is like x marks the spot for 4 players)
* Vicious Ocean Battles
- VARIOUS OTHER MAPS - that I can't remember their names - BUT IF it has Warhammer as creator please upload... Current maps made by TGS I have.

Thank you for reading and pass on to anyone who may have these maps saved somewhere.

- TGS -

6) Cartography & Custom Maps / Troubled Waters by TGS
« on: July 29, 2017, 08:45:25 AM »
Map : Troubled Waters
Creator: The Good Shepherd

Size: 96 x 96
Terrain: Forest
Map Default: 10000 gold, 2000 lumber, 5000 oil
Starting spots: 5
start mines (5): 30,000 gold each
expansion mines (10): 15,000 gold each
mines in total 15
Oil patches (11): 10 @ 30,000 and 1 in center @ 50,000.

Creator Notes
This is a close in water combat map where players can be engaged with Juggs, subs and grunt landing parties very quickly. Each island is similar to Spiral with several exceptions. Each of the 5 islands have 3 mines (main 30k, 2 expos at 15k). The expo mines are toward the edge of map and you MUST cross a very small LAND bridge to get to them. All mines can be lambasted by Juggernauts/Battleships, however they are spread out. After playing this map a few times, it became quickly apparent that I liken this to No where to run - No where to hide map but for Water. You are so close to one another that combat is fast and furious from the onset.

Intent was to make this a 5 player Free For all map. However, all I have played so far are about 5 or 6 games of 2's.

Please reply with any and all feedback as I may further modify this first version.

Enjoy !
png file of map (snapshot of pudbrowser)
Troubled Waters Demo pud

7) Cartography & Custom Maps / Re: Pirates Lagoon by The Good Shepherd
« on: July 29, 2017, 08:15:21 AM »
*** 2nd Post with updated map here ***
YOU found it !!!

Here is a very much updated version of Pirates Lagoon demo 2 of the map. The original was labeled just pirates lagoon and should of been demo 1. When Pirates Lagoon becomes final, I will call it Pirates Lagoon BNE.

1) mini expo mines on main island are easier to blast. It takes only 2 sappers to get to the mine instead of 3 or 4.
2) spots for halls have been cleared next to expo mines
3) Start spots are numbered in the grass by clock facing. So, 1 is one o`clock and 5 is 5 o`clock. The start spots are 1,2,4,5,7,8,9, and 11.
4) An alternate strategy is that the rocks have been severely reduced near mini expos. You may decide to directly blast to your neighbor using 2 sappers/demo squads OR blast to your mini expo mine. You have 2 paths to blast!
5) Minor changes all around for wood lines and trees.
6) From all start spots a wide path has been cleared that faces toward YOUR OIL PATCH. So where you have the widest area of shoreline that means YOUR OIL patch is in that direction.
7) Map is signed TGS in the middle. Look for it.

Attached: Pirates Lagoon demo 2 (current as of July 29, 2017).

As always enjoy!

8) Cartography & Custom Maps / Abyssal Waters by TGS
« on: July 18, 2017, 09:05:18 AM »
Map : Abyssal Waters
Creator: The Good Shepherd

Size: 128 x 128
Terrain: Winter
Map Default: 10000 gold, 5000 lumber, 5000 oil
Starting spots: 8
start mines 50,000 gold
mines in total 8
Oil: 17 patches (25000 each)

Creator Notes
It is the intent of this map to recreate a different version of Fierce Ocean Combat. No expansions, all islands are accessible 360 degrees, and all spots have nearby neighbors. I have attempted to create a more fair atmosphere as Fierce Ocean Combat (FOC) lends itself to some spots that are unfair, especially on that map the middle 2 spots. If you start in the middle 2 spots on FOC you are at a severe disadvantage. It was my intent to take away this "disadvantage" and even the playing field by designing all islands to be near to one another respectively thus giving no one spot a disadvantage nor advantage over others. Each spot has 4 access points to oil, all mines are pointed toward the middle but far enough away from the shore line so that you don't get blasted by juggs/battleships on your peon line. 
Please reply with any and all feedback as I may further modify this first version.

Enjoy !
png file of map (snapshot of pudbrowser)
Abyssal Waters Demo pud

9) Cartography & Custom Maps / Forgotten Pathways Demo 2 - TGS
« on: June 14, 2017, 10:59:51 PM »
By - The Good Shepherd (TGS)
This is Forgotten Pathways 2nd modification. Read orignal FP post for the details of the map.

Modifications to the map.
* As requested by feedback more open space has to been added to spots that were so called, "cramped".
* More flavor to some start spots, i.e. a 2nd entrance or a wider entrance
* All spots are numbered in the grass, look closely and you will see the clock position that you are starting at in the grass/snow.
* Middle of the map signed, "TGS" in the middle.
* Trees added/removed as needed for the changes above to take place.

Looking to play test this map for a week or so and get feedback for any further modifications.
I was able to play a 4v4 with it and I've had positive feedback on so far.

Forgotten Pathways demo 2 - pud

10) Cartography & Custom Maps / Re: High Tides Adventures demo map by TGS
« on: June 04, 2017, 03:33:03 PM »
One of the reasons for this map is to add variety to water maps of the same type. Playing the same configured map over and over becomes a bit boring, drab, tedious, and otherwise down right monotonous. So to include flavor of the same types of maps, I created this one.

The only major difference is that there are no hops. So this favors the BNE version by far. It was explicitly my intent to make another version of HSC BNE with different start spots with a different layout. HSC BNE was the template. So let me clarify what that means in terms of definition.

When I say, "Template" that means all the characteristics of that map will be included in this map. So what are characteristics. Here are the characteristics that this map have that are from HSC BNE version.
* Only start mines of 75k each. Which means there are no expansion mines.
* 3 paired start spots (you have a 75% chance of having a nieghbor in an 8 player game). i.e. 6 spots you can blast to your neighbor.
* 2 stand alone islands.
* Open Water for the vast majority of the map.
* Breachable landing zones for attacking
* Multiple oil platforms for each start position.
* A few spots are more vulnerable than others

Some examples IF included would not make this a template map of HSC BNE
* IF there were island(s) in the middle with other resources such as woods or gold
* IF the layout were not the same as paired from the original such as having all connected land
* IF the start mines were different in amount say 50k each or such as an example
* IF water were only 20% instead of near 70%

I felt it necessary to address this issue to avoid confusion with vocabulary and terms.

Another term that many players don't get is when I say, Static or Dynamic.
Static maps are ones where the spots are cookie cutter, symmetric, and that same space for all start spots. Basic geometric shapes are generally inclusive in this design.

Dynamic maps are ones in which each spot is unique, for instance you do not have box or a square for your main base exactly measured out. In nearly all cases, there are uniqure features to each individual start spot. For example, on start spot may have a single entrance while spot 2 may have 2 entrances and spot 3 - 3 entrances and so on. Gow classic is a dynamic map, each spot is uniquely different. BGH (Big Game Hunter) and AYN (All you need) are mostly static with cookie cutter single entrances and no ways to attack other than through the front door. 

All for now, I hope this helps with terminology.

11) Cartography & Custom Maps / High Tide Adventures demo map by TGS
« on: June 02, 2017, 05:42:40 PM »
Map : High Tides Adventures Demo
Creator: The Good Shepherd

Starting spots: 8
Start mines 75,000 gold
Mines in total 8
Oil Patches - 21 (Oil patches considered to be closest to start position - 8 - of players are 25k, edge oil patches  - 8 - are 15k, direct middle (1) is 50k, slightly off center middle (4) are 35k).

Creator Notes
     This map is a High Seas Combat template map. Which means that there are ONLY 8 start mines with 75k. That means there are 3 sets of paired islands. i.e. you can blast to a neighbor in 6 of the 8 spots. Which also means there are exactly 2 stand alone islands. These traits come straight from the HSC map. All start spots are along and near the edges of the map with lots of open water in the middle. This is intended to be a different version of High Seas Combat. As with both HSC classic and BNE, there are no expo mines.

   Furthermore, each spot has been numbered by clock position. If you look at your start spot carefully in the grass you will see a number. That number is the number most closely associated with the clock position on the map. This will make it easier to communicate with your partner(s) over time the exact location you plan to attack, expo to, or otherwise carry out your plan(s) of action. 

Please reply with any and all feedback as I may further modify this demo version.

Enjoy !
png file of map (snapshot of pudbrowser)
High Tide Adventures Demo pud

12) Cartography & Custom Maps / Re: What's your favorite map?
« on: May 31, 2017, 04:47:50 PM »
Other is High Seas Combat at the moment. However, I'm just created a different type of map similar to HSC which is Pirates Lagoon.
Looking to see how that pans out.

*** PLEASE READ 3rd POST for updated version ***
(This post is for map info from original) - Thank you - TGS

Map : Pirates Lagoon
Creator: The Good Shepherd

Starting spots: 8
start mines 50,000 gold
mines in total 20
All 12 expo mines need to blast to get to them. Four of them are on islands in the middle of the map which also are surround by rocks. 
12 oil patches 25,000 each

Creator Notes
This is likened to High Seas Combat but with serious other modifications. Each start position you can blast to 2 sides. If you are playing a full game there will be a player on either side of your mountains (rocks). In the middle of all rocks on the main land (where all players start) are the 8 expo mines each 25k. Look at the pud browser snap shot to see the image. Each set of rocks has exactly 1 expo mine. Mostly toward the edge of the map. This is intended to force action on the main land and on the Lagoon (water).

Please reply with any and all feedback as I may further modify this first version.

Enjoy !
png file of map (snapshot of pudbrowser)
Pirates Lagoon pud

Yes, I remember those comments. However, in the original Arctic Circle, you didn't have anywhere to build either. I kept the same dynamic. You can build but you have to be smart. I purposely made it so that you couldn't just run around the middle, in other words you can choke certain spots thus adding a way to defend your section of the middle. If you are smart you can even place a tower just behind your choke point. I'd like to hear his/their thoughts on that...

15) Cartography & Custom Maps / Ocean Bloom Map Posted again !
« on: April 13, 2017, 12:24:39 PM »
This was posted in September, as new map (like fierce ocean) or something like that.. it was not explicit as "Ocean Bloom"

Here is it again !

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