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Cartography & Custom Maps / Re: XBremer1's Hot New Maps You Will Love
« Last post by BabyShark on Today at 07:19:39 PM »
Dangerous Territory

Dangerous Territory is what I think would come out if AYN and POS got together and had a baby. Both are classic, well-loved, frequently played maps that have been favorites for the nearly 20 years since I first started playing W2 and was introduced to AYN by the xipx clan way back in the beginning.

This isn't to say Dangerous Territory isn't a whole new entity. It is. It just shares features with these classic maps that have been factors in repeatedly producing a pleasant and exciting gaming experience on W2.

This is one of the maps that tends to be "easy" for newcomers to the map to pick up, since it has a normal, standard feel to it and has predictable and symmetrical elements. Some maps are more difficult for greenhorns if they offer a nuanced and intricate set up, but this one is totally friendly for first-timers, which makes this a great first choice for those who want to try out hot fresh maps but are slightly apprehensive.

I liked this map and its cousins from first game on, and never lost that lovin' feeling.
Cartography & Custom Maps / Re: XBremer1's Hot New Maps You Will Love
« Last post by BabyShark on Today at 06:56:02 PM »
Combat Zone

A gorgeous smaller map with everyone pressed into close quarters for some heated squabbles, Combat Zone offers a friendly feel among unfriendly neighbors. As a continuous path around the forest lake, you have to eat through one neighbor to get to the next. I only played this a few times, but really enjoyed the intensity and continuous action of the games.

Neat stuff like sticking cats around the middle lake or being able to cast magic from there, along with the curvy path all the way around the map reminds me slightly of Rose Petal, but this definitely differs from it too in many ways and offers a completely unique gaming experience worth trying out.

Cartography & Custom Maps / Re: XBremer1's Hot New Maps You Will Love
« Last post by BabyShark on Today at 04:50:42 PM »
Buccaneer Bay

Buccaneer Bay is a new playground for water-lovers like myself. It has a unique look and feel, and as I discovered playing it, the narrow routes allow opponents to block you with oil tankers. Rude.

I love map variety and this unique waterscape adds a fresh, brand new flavor to the selection for fun gaming sessions. "Spider" was my first impression. But, as you'll discover if you're bold enough to try this new adventure, it's so much more than that.
" If you had, you would know that history is littered with millions upon millions of corrupt-state-murdered innocent corpses."

when you flail around attempting to critique communism but strike capitalism instead.
Server.War2.ru / Re: Donating Money AND offering competition
« Last post by MaStA{hR} on Today at 03:56:39 PM »
Cool! I've been playing on MaStA{hR} . I'm on now and will be on tonight. Tomorrow's schedule unknown. Feel free to pm me.
Cartography & Custom Maps / XBremer1's Hot New Maps You Will Love
« Last post by BabyShark on Today at 03:34:21 PM »
Arena of Annihilation

This map is reminiscent of POS, sure, but it has it's own personality and features making it a fresh creation.

The little pockets between bases allow for some interesting burst into neighbour's base surprises or cat wars. The 12 and 6 mines are more accessible.

Beautiful to look at, and fun to play, what more can you ask for in a map?

Thanks to XBremer1 for providing us with Arena of Annihilation. +1 for alliteration in many of your map titles. ;)
Cartography & Custom Maps / Re: Hey Stop That!.pud
« Last post by BabyShark on Today at 03:26:17 PM »
I have to admit, in spite of my excitement and anticipation to try out this awesome-looking map, my first few games at it made me annoyed!

I couldn't find any openings, couldn't get anywhere, and got towered to death within minutes.

I didn't give up on the map, and kept at it. Eventually I was able to win at it because I allied someone really good who was able to carry after I died fast and he beat 2 people.

Some food, like chips or fast food drive through garbage, are popular crowd-pleasers, instantly pleasurable.

If you do not want to be obese, you will play this map.
@marx was right

You are now unbanned from the Loving section of the W2 forum.

Please in the future share your viewpoint in a respectful manner. The new forum member you were discoursing with was respectful toward you exceeding what you had merited via conduct.

Calling people "idiot" "dummy" "retard" repeatedly in the absence of logical arguments or solid presentation of evidence does not win others to your point of view, even if you had a valid case.

What purpose does it then serve? All it does is shut down dialogue on all topics that could be meanigful and thought-provoking.

We all should welcome challenges to our viewpoints and if our views are solid, they should speak for themselves. The personal insults don't strengthen your case. Attack and mock ideas with better ideas or plain common sense if you can summon any, sure. Go for it. But don't personally attack subscribers with vacuous hostility that only divides and doesn't encourage a meeting of minds.

Furthermore, you peddle a viewpoint promoting the idea that we are all supposed to hold hands and share everything and be happy care bears loving on each other. Your treatment of other people doesn't inspire a shred of confidence that you yourself as promoter of marxist ideology would be capable or in fact interested in helping or supporting a single other person.

It reeks of you just wanting handouts from other people and not wanting anyone else to tell you what to do. Ie. Like typical millennials, you want freedom, power, and privilege without earning or working for it or having any kind of responsibility for your own life.

You haven't studied historically attempted applications of communism. If you had, you would know that history is littered with millions upon millions of corrupt-state-murdered innocent corpses.

General Discussion / Re: Is communism good or bad?
« Last post by marx was right on Today at 01:06:53 PM »
"Economic equality is socialism, that is to say, a system by which a decent livelihood is secured for all. This does not mean identical wages for one and all, but it does mean sufficient subsistence for one and all to enjoy the inalienable right to the pursuit of happiness. In short, socialism is a society where some have more, some have less, but there are no have nots, a system that could be called nonegalitarian equality. That is the society Marx predicted would follow capitalism because capitalism was not and is not capable of creating a 'decent livelihood' for all. Capitalism gives neither political nor economic equality to the people. The number of have-nots in all capitalist societies is quite high -- and these are both economic and political have-nots."

Vladimir Pozner.

I think this is a decent quote dispelling some liberal myths.
nice thanks for posting! Xbremer is so prolific at making maps lately maybe we need a big thread for all of them, bs might do it :)

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