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1) Server.War2.ru / Re: Anyone from Athenes?
« on: May 25, 2018, 08:26:00 AM »
Lucky you Tolean,

but I'm in Italy right now!
Wouldn't be able to help u with the drugs though...

Enjoy sunny Athens and do go for a walk to the Parthenon!

By the way I think I might have the old version of VV. But I do not understand what is the fuss with the oil patches?

In general the newer version is meant to balance the spots so that there is not 1 super weak spot like it was in the original one.

Nice choice Kagan.

So 6 teams...
You have forgotten to add Disgruntled and Masta at the first post!

For round robin that is 15 matches if we also make it 3games for getting points that is 45 games!!!
Sounds cool :-) (5 * 3) matches for each team!

Let me add Zones to the selection pool :-D

I think it is a map that deserves more notice!

Hey all.

Me and Igo.
Cool Kagan!!!
now we need to select maps >:-D

Damnnnn Damnn Damnn #"%#"$#"

I had crazy work this weekend and seems I lost the tourney :-/

Congrats to winner!


7) Mods & Development / Re: Lat Trick Bot
« on: May 17, 2018, 09:21:41 AM »
@AHB, Great Work!

8) Mods & Development / Re: Lat Trick Bot
« on: May 16, 2018, 09:28:41 AM »
Hosting/joining should only expose ip among Host/Joiner.

Don't really know how war2 handles this. But when u join a game I guess your ip is exposed to the host and vice versa.
Also your ip might be exposed to the other players that joined, but technically speaking that might not be necessary. But desirable in case the host drops.

Having a command that exposes all channel's ips is something different.
One could write a utility to use that command and launch a DOS attack against each single ip.
Or even better attempt to take remote control of each single PC behind. While 90% of those would be protected a malicious person might find one open...
And suddenly your PC is at the hands of someone...

Quantity is important here. This is the reason why Blizzard and others hid the ip addresses.
For mass attacks not single directed ones.

At the time of Kali, we would do several form of attacks against other players. Exactly, because we could see the ip.
So I would say it is advisable to protect that...

Is it crucial? Well in most cases people in the community wont bother to look up for it, thus I would say it is not crucial and having a simple strategy should be enough.

9) Mods & Development / Re: Lat Trick Bot
« on: May 15, 2018, 12:54:16 PM »
1 - Is it a vulnerability to expose IPs?

Well no I dont think it is a problem, you already get everyones IP when you join a game with them, the only difference is now you can get everyones IP without joining a game

Yes it is a vulnerability. Generally, having someone's ip you can try to do several nasty stuff.
Some are easy, others require technical knowledge which probably nobody in this community has.

I would suggest that we encrypt the ips for safety. Our encryption doesn't need to be something special. Just a XOR filter with a random series of numbers. Enough, for the casual malicious user to not be able to get the ip.

The pro hackers, probably wont target us. In general we just need to be protected by DOS attacks etc.

Yes, that was my idea: I'd attach \lattrick instead of that message "your port is closed..." Then it will work automatically and only for clients and at the moment when it's really needed.

You mean to hook it automatically? Run the command to the server and send the data to the client?
That is okay, just keep the message as is so that people that do not have the lattrick utility to know to install it.

maybe using something like this can tell us exactly what happens when we do the lat trick:


I'm still looking for an ally. But I have also said to Ripe. Maybe he will carry me :-D

Hi, nice initiative.

(1) About Robin Round Style tournaments:
To help solve a problem of the robin round style (RRS). You can use divisions (or groups)

if you have an 8 team RRS tournament it is a total of: 4*7=28 games (N/2*(N-1) with N the number of teams)

But we can simplify the RRS tournament by breaking our N teams to N/4 groups: That makes 2 groups of 4 players for our example...
Each group goes RRS and plays 6 games (total of 12 games for the 2 groups)
Then you pick the 1,2 team of each group and create a new group for another 6 games RRS to get the final results :-)

this gives you 18 games instead of 28 for 8 teams.

This is what the do in football by the way.

if for some reason you get a group with less than 4 teams it is no problem. We can normalize and generally apply several strategies to make it fair.
This way we will have the RRS style but also it will not get to be tooo long.

I suggest that we use the groups of 4 teams for each round.

(2) Now, about time constrains, you give a deadline for each round! The teams can participate within the deadline. If a match does not occur within the deadline, then a time is set the next day by a neutral referee, if a team does not appear then it is a loss! Each team has 1 match that is allowed to postpone. For each team at each round there are 3 matches.

(3) About each round games: I suggest that until we reach the final round we do it KOTH 3 games. The score of the games is the points awarded. So if a team wins 2-1 it gains 2 points and the loser team gains 1 point. This way all 3 games will be played and you want to win.

(4) About the map pool.
For the list of maps you should put the creator by the side (where u know it of course).
I suggest that we limit the number of available maps to 12 and also we should allow the Map creators to apply for their maps to take part.
We make a poll with more than 12 and the 12 most popular (by public vote) are used. If 12 is too much we can limit it to the 10 most popular.
Also the choice of the 1st map for the KOTH should be random.

That's for now

12) General Discussion / Re: Create Operating System?
« on: May 15, 2018, 11:50:10 AM »
Interesting, I will check it out when I have some time!
It might be a nice secondary OS for my systems.
I mainly use Linux but some things do want windows :-/

13) Server.War2.ru / Re: Something Exciting for the Fans!
« on: May 15, 2018, 08:31:21 AM »
Great Replays guys!!!!

The best ones I have seen for a long time!

Amazing job.
Also great insight for scouting Viruz!

14) General Discussion / Re: The Superiority of Islam
« on: May 15, 2018, 07:34:05 AM »
@3bdushakur, mate I'm a researcher in a completely different field: Computational Logic. It has nothing to do with this topic. As I already said, I read history casually and nor research focused.

Furthermore, you are only cycling your self and not provide an argument that needs to be addressed. You are still trying to attack me and non of my arguments.
So I guess you should silence your self... Go pray towards the direction of Mecca or something and lean your head all the way to floor in fear of divine smite or punishment.
Because if needed I can play that game too, and you wont like it.

15) Mods & Development / Re: Lat Trick Bot
« on: May 14, 2018, 09:32:43 AM »
Nice work AHB...

by the way, the \lattrick I was suggesting would do for all other users.
Thus the host does not need to know who will join the game, all users will be able to host.

It is just that I'm triggering it only for the one that is hosting.
Also theoretically you could first host the game and then do \lattrick when someone cant join.

We could modify the message that u receive that no one can join your game: to do: \lattrick


anyhow, I'm very busy these days until the 20th.

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