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New mod, Warcraft 2 Danny's AI FIxes Edition + OGRE-MODE
« on: February 04, 2021, 02:15:47 PM »
Hello again guys, I come up with another mod called as Warcraft 2 Danny's  AI Fixes Edition (DAIFE) in OGRE-MODE. So what is this then ?

I have recently added up a new project called as Danny's AI Fixes Edition for single player in ... So this new little mod allows you to play that single player mode BUT... now in OGRE-MODE, which means the capability to play this mod with a FRIEND. Ogre-mode means both 2 players can get control of the same base, which means too buildings and units at once. This is a built-in feature available in Starcraft 1 since its release, so now thanks to Mistral we have managed to fuse both: DAIFE and one his wonderful tools: Ogre-mode for Warcraft 2 custom map projects.

Links for DAIFE single player are in:,6160.0.html  OR

War2 DAIFE single player allows you to experience the mythical warcraft 2 campaigns but WITHOUT bugs which were present in almost any of the 4 campaign missions because of the lack of testings back then in 1995. I have tweaked the ai scripts aiming to get ride of as many bugs as I could ever possibly find so now you may be capable to see the real difficulty intended by Blizzard Entertainment since the first Warcraft 2 version (DOS). The difficulty overall is gradually increasing through the campaign missions with stuff like units properly upgrading or correct timing attacks or unit compositions. All the previous now with a slight difficulty boost from my part, so this may be a cool challenge for casual level people.
Now, DAIFE is combined with the ogre-mode so both 2 people can get into the entire project to see how to achieve victory together.

*** Important new features added up to this mod ***

I have added up few personal features I have used during my warcraft 2 live broadcasts which are:

1) Warcraft 3 grunt / knight announcers for both orc and human races respectively which call either if you're under attack or your city is under fire. So those voice actors replace the ones from Warcraft 2 by default.

2) UI framework for either Orc and Human races, which is a nice art touch made by Incos - Player from Warcraft 2 USA community - who did a fantastic artistic job in this area. This is the panel that you can see during your single or multiplayer games from the left where you select your units. Credits to him to public such a nice enhanced feature for Warcraft 2.

Those 2 extra features plus this new little mod may not mean Warcraft 2 Remaster but at least a way to enhance Warcraft 2 :-)

*** Important new features added up to this mod ***


Instructions in how to play DAIFE + ogre mode:

Pretty much you just need to know that along with this README file, you just have to place the War2patch.mpq file into your warcraft 2 main directory. Then follow up the next instruction in order to allow yourself experiencing the fully potential this little mod has to offer:

***** IMPORTANT *****

Even though this little mod aims to get ride of as many bugs as I could possibly fix, there's a bug that comes from the very first Warcraft 2 release in 1995 (DOS version) which in my opinion is a problem to play through the warcraft 2 campaigns and it's another reason of the many that may have caused any of you to feel "too easy" the original warcraft 2 campaigns experience.
The bug (or bugs) that I'm talking about is the one from using save-load features in-game that allow you to reload a specific spot from a campaign mission that is used anytime you miss up anything into a mission or that may simply  help as a checkpoint for your missions progress... The problem is that in Warcraft 2, all timing attacks or enemies chopping wood get completely missed up once you reload a campaign mission progress from your saved data, either you do that from the same mission or from the main menu.
Pretty much, all the attacks being set up in code will just change drastically and not be executed as intended there but also AIs will just stop chopping wood completely which may cause as well that no more units requiring wood will ever be trained, so this may end up with passive enemies that may either not repair buildings or attack anymore till the end of that mission... What I'm telling you is that IF YOU WANT to play this little mod to its 100% POTENTIAL then it's imperative that you play the mod WITHOUT using save-load in-game feature in order to prevent this buggy behavior happening anytime... The very only times that may NOT happen this annoying situation is whenever you use SAVE for victory trigger (so you can load the end of that mission in order to keep playing the next ones) OR whenever you're playing a mission where your oponnent WILL NOT MAKE UNITS from buildings at all... Example: Orc01, Orc06, Human01 (Tides of Darkness), Xorc1, Xorc9 (Beyond the Dark portal) campaign missions.
Aside of the previous behavior, you should not encounter many bugs (as long as I tested around) so keep in mind this situation... The bugs explained above are NOT part of my mod but it's a problem that comes since the very first warcraft 2 release so if anybody can make a way more trustful SAVE-STATE for warcraft 2 (just like the old console emulators) so then would be no problem at all you use that tool for your mission progress checkpoints.

***** IMPORTANT *****

Once you have read to this point then let's get into the other steps required to play this mod.
Now both 2 players have to either download the russian client (not language) from (any language as you like) ... I'm not sure if there may be some register gateway file that allow your current Warcraft 2 client to have the russian server available... That would be way easier to set up the russian server without needing to install the version from , but the most important thing is that you need to have available the russian server gateway for the next step.

Once you installed, place your war2patch.mpq file into the directory >> go to the game >> multiplayer >> enhanced >> war2 russian server >> Once you're into the main chat, join the channel:  war2mod
In order to join that channel just type:  /join war2mod in main chat

Now one of the guys has to make the map (if you're starting up the mod then just go for the mission orc01 or human01)... In order to play the maps properly without getting dropped, both guys need to have the War2Patch.mpq into their warcraft 2 directory...

So why do we need to join war2mod channel in the russian server ?

There're currently some special tool/features made by Mistral, also known as some new and very smart Warcraft 2 developer (currently 2021) who have added up quite a couple of interesting and enhanced features for Warcraft 2. The idea about joining war2mod channel is that once you start playing this little mod is that you will be forced to start from mission 01, because if you attempt to start from like mission 06 you will then get instantaneous defeat, because this feature records a progress of your success from previous missions into a save file, as far as I know this record is saved up from 2 specific people who are playing the mod in the russian server and from the war2mod channel... which means if you're the guy who played orc missions 1-2-3 then your partner quits, then later on you may have to start from mission 1 if you decide to play with a new guy, but the previous mission progress record may still be saved up till the first couple plays once again.


So I'm actually releasing this to anybody who may want to try out this little mod and if possible, deliver me any feedback you got about it to my stream:   
or any thoughts you got about your experience through it.

If you could, I may really appreciate any money donation you can ever deliver for my livelihood to the paypal address with any of the links below:

If you'd like to make a donation during live streaming, please use the link:


Till today in Febrary 4th, 2021 I just can release Orc/Human  ogre-mode campaigns. Need to complete first the other 2 campaigns from the dark portal for DAIFE single player edition. The other 2 campaigns I hope to test them on live streaming as well (single player DAIFE mod).


Full credits to Mistral, the very nice guy and person who helped me to understand a couple of things and that HE IS the real genius who may have allowed to play campaign maps with triggers in MULTIPLAYER plus other special features like recording campaign progress in multiplayer (russian server), but also the way to play here in OGRE-MODE.

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