Author Topic: Strategie Guide 04 (How to scout properly 2v2)  (Read 24079 times)

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Strategie Guide 04 (How to scout properly 2v2)
« on: April 14, 2015, 07:47:14 PM »
Hi guys!

In the Strategie guide 03 ive show you how to scout properly from the 1v1 POV.

Today it's gonna be a little bit different but your still gonna have to keep in mind everything you learn from the 1v1 POV.

So let me explain you really quick whats the importance in 2v2 scout.

The importance is all about communication, you can't hope to have a great team if you guys playing alone.

Tell to your ally what your gonna do, tell him from the first second you can, use that free time when your hall is on building mode to made a plan with your ally in private.

If you guys dont talk and if you guys dont play togheter it's gonna be a waste.

Now let me explain you whats the difference between 1v1 and 2v2!

Nothing really hard, everything is about the P scout and the G Scout.

It mean you guys have to use exactly EVERYTHING you learn from 1v1 but the P SCOUT position always gonna be the official scouter!

It mean by exemple if i am to 4 and my ally is 5!

I will be the one who need to P scout and my ally gonna be the quick rush mode!

If i am 9 and my ally is 2, i will be the p scout again and my ally will be the rush mode.

If i am 12 and my ally is 11 i will be the rush and my ally will be the p scout!

If i am 9 and my ally is 11 or 4 ???? OOPS??!!!! My ally will be the P scout and i am be the rush since he is slow due the wood to chop and the little wall to made!

Easy to understand hope you enjoy, good luck!

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